The Web just isn’t ready for audio ads

By | February 28, 2008

Imagine if you surf online daily, and find that most sites played a short audio clip every single time you hit their pages. Would that be annoying? Precisely. And it’s for that reason that PayPerPlay has never gotten off the ground till today. And I remember what a buzz it created late last year.

Although discussion on PayPerPlay has almost died down to a whimper these days, it is still around. Hibernating until a better day, perhaps? Right now, I just don’t think much of the Web is ready for mass audio advertising.

The only ones who suited PayPerPlay were mp3 download sites, and others where visitors wouldn’t mind, or would expect, a certain amount of audio played on auto mode. But fortunately (or unfortunately), feedback from many nonchalant surfers have made it quite clear audio ads won’t exactly be welcomed in many places. It’s odd, but I don’t read much about it anywhere, anymore.

Then you have an internet marketer like Shoemoney who is a big timer in the ringtones market, openly dismissing PayPerPlay from the start; maybe a pointer there? I know I didn’t sign up for it then, and I can’t sign up now. But what did I lose actually?

One more for the back burner.

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