Why TweetMeme should matter to your business

By | October 9, 2010

Over the past four years since its first inception in 2006, the micro blogging service Twitter has achieved mainstream popularity and prominence on the internet. Now in 2010, Twitter is no longer the preserve of the technology geek, and thanks to TweetMeme, twittering isn’t just meant for following celebs or bored bloggers.

Whether your business interests are in product development or service provision, TweetMeme can help you in three ways (i) monitoring your business perception, (ii) the success of your online marketing efforts and (iii) gain useful feedback.

TweetMeme is a service that aggregates links on Twitter, and as such, searching on TweetMeme for your brand name or product then sorting the links by “highest tweets” is likely useful to business users.

Twittering, particularly on websites that possess a TweetMeme button, is a way for users to voice their approval or interest over a particular article, and then share that article with their Twitter followers (usually one’s friends or networking contacts).

The “highest tweet” count for a particular search provides an indication of (i) how popular a particular website is (ii) how many people have read that article (iii) how influential that article was and (iv) user approval rating of that article.

Information provided by TweetMeme’s highest tweet count is useful in the following ways:

Monitor Your Brand – Monitor where websites are writing about your product or service. It may be useful to network with the most popular websites to encourage them to write more positive articles more regularly, particularly if it helps sales or brand perception.

Gain Feedback – Websites are an influential medium, in the event that you have launched a new product or service by monitoring TweetMeme “tweets” you can keep an eye on what influential people are writing about it.

Remember,  Twitter tweet counts is a aggregate metric – it  provides an indication of (i) how popular that website is (ii) how many people agree with the article and (iii) how influential a particular website is.

Particularly if written on popular sites within your industry, you should consider listening to feedback presented within the articles you discover.

Web Marketing – Using TweetMeme’s search you can monitor the success of your marketing efforts over time, how viral your press releases are, how viral they are and gauge how much influence they have.

Mail List – If a popular website or very viral website is regularly writing about your product or service, consider writing to them offering to add them to a mail list where you can inform them directly about your latest updates. The more publicity, the better right?

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