5 Android apps for the small business person

By | November 16, 2012

Android phones nowadays are getting better all the time and have by default, access to a plethora of applications which can be helpful for handling small-scale businesses. These applications are not only versatile in nature and can perform multiple tasks at a go, but are either free and/or light on battery consumption, thus making them ready-made tech sidekicks for any person on the go.

Recently, I acquired a new Galaxy Note 2 and I will probably post my review of it next, but today, I just wanted to highlight 5 apps that can be helpful for any small business person.

The five most popular ones are:-

1. ASTRO File Manager: The best file manager for the Android on the basis of performance, ASTRO is a multi-tasking piece of genius. To date, Astro has been 35,000,000 times and is one of the top apps on Android. It can sort all your files all over your memory and can stack them up according to categories while generating thumb nails for any image that it encounters. It works a lot like Windows Explorer for your phone.

Apart from managing files, it can be attached to any network directly for taking or dropping files. Although many of the app’s tasks have been taken over by the latest Android versions, the app itself has been reinventing itself and now has added functionality, like backup and process manager.

Astro File Manager

2. Dropbox: Dropbox is a file managing account where you can keep images and notes of any event that you were a part of or that is supposed to happen in the future. It can help you browse through any server, directly select and keep them on your phone so that you can access them when the necessity arrives. This cool application costs nothing if you keep your monthly tab within 2GB.


3. Skype Mobile: Skype Mobile is the most popular call management service that one can use through Android and it has a long history by now, having first started on the Web. Moreover, you can now access your phone contacts through it and merge any contact you have there to your Skype account. Calls, missed calls, video and voice calls all are available in the mobile version. For business purposes you can even route it your mobile account! It is free to download while other costs are nominal and as per usage.


4. AK Notepad: This is undoubtedly the best text application found in the Android marketplace and can be used to create notes about meetings or events and has a host of other utilities as well related to text saving. Moreover, it comes for free and has all the coolest themes and fonts around!

AK Notepad

5. WordPress: Although the application is a bit tricky to install (for self hosted WordPress blogs), one cannot do without this free-to-use utility application due to its superior performance! You can connect and manage all your online accounts sited at WordPress.com or on your own sites through the app, and blog on the go.

WordPress for Android

Moreover, it is updated very often. There is a snag though, for self hosted blogs; you need to enable XML-RPC services at your blog first, under wp-admin/options-writing.php (code 405). But once that linkage is enabled, you can literally, blog on the go!

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