How to secure your iPhone from theft

By | June 2, 2012

According to the latest reports, the New York Police Department has concluded that one of the most wanted gadgets by thieves in the city is the iPhone. This is not surprising, as the iPhone is an enticing device with all kinds of features and utilities. Surveys have reported that around 70% of the stolen smartphones on buses and subways are iPhones despite the profuse use of portable tablets, Android phones, and iPads.

Moreover, iPhones are one of the handiest storage mediums for confidential information such as passwords, PINs, SSNs, and credit card numbers. So, you can imagine what will happen if the thief steals your iPhone and start using that information! Therefore, it’s high time to take some crucial steps in securing your iPhone from theft.

Turn on Passcode Lock

It is a known fact that iPhones come with the passcode lock feature that will aid in keeping your information secret even after robbery. To enable it, you will have to go to General > Passcode Lock and set up a 4 digit password.

Turn on the Auto-Lock Feature

Just like Android phones, iPhone also offers the auto-lock option with which you can lock your phone automatically after a specified interval. If you want to use the phone, you will have to unlock it with the 4 digit passcode. With this, it becomes very difficult for the thief to unlock the iPhone.

Assign a PIN to your SIM

Most thieves will attempt to use your iPhone SIM card on other phones. Fortunately, you can now prevent them from doing this by assigning a PIN to your card. You can enter this PIN while turning your iPhone on, or while replacing the card. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Phone to enable the SIM PIN option and enter the default PIN. Once you are done with it, you can change it according to what you want it to be.

Wipe off all the data on the phone

If it is going to take a long time to get the lost phone back, consider deleting all the vital data. Luckily, with advanced technology, it is possible to do so via the Internet with the help of a tracking app such as MobileMe. This will at least ensure that the thief gets no access to your confidential data.

Consider using a security tool

 Such a tool helps in regaining the lost iPhone by detecting its exact GPS location or by playing a loud sound that resonates vigorously when the thief moves the phone. A few examples of such tools are FindMe and PhoneScream.

Use Advanced Spy Software

If you choose to use spying software, there is no need to use a security tool. However, you will have to install it on your iPhone in advance. Once installed, the app works in the invisible mode to track not only the activities that the thief is performing, but also the current GPS location by which you can get your phone back. Some of the famous spying apps are MobileSpy, FlexiSpy, and StealthGenie.

Disable the Network Service

This is the best way to secure your iPhone. Just call your service provider, inform them about the theft, and ask for disabling the Internet and other phone services. Additionally, change all your passwords, such as that of your emails, online banking, and iTunes by accessing the Internet as promptly as you can.

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