How to sync contacts, calendar, and tasks to your PC

By | December 17, 2011

In many cases today, the need to sync and connect a mobile device that has information like calendar, contacts, etc to a PC has become a necessity, and you can actually do it quite easily if you know how. Let’s take a quick look at this feature now.

Most mobile devices like Android phones, Blackberrys and the iPhones already possess the necessary software within them which enable them to connect to the PC and sync. But in the case your device doesn’t have one, you can easily get the Device Stage Feature software in your Windows or Mac OS and if your mobile device supports this feature, then you can easily sync with it.

Devices and printers

What is the Device Stage feature? Basically it is syncing software that enables the user to sync his own mobile device with his PC and helps the two to share all the necessary information between them. So, if anyone wants to share any calendar or important contacts from his mobile device to his PC, then he can do so using this software.

Also, if one wishes to create his own set of ring tones for instance and transfer it to his mobile device, then this software is a good option as well. But one thing has to be kept in mind, compatibility is the key here. For example, you cannot sync and transfer calendar and contacts to your iPod; only your mobile phone.

Device Stage

Using Device Stage is very simple as well. If it is not installed, then simply connect your device to your PC and if the device is compatible with it, then the software will open automatically – provided you have that device installed beforehand. For all the different devices there are different options that will flash on to the screen from setup to sharing for the user’s convenience. The options are self-explanatory and can be easily identified; it takes hardly five minutes for syncing and sharing – so it is nothing but a piece of cake!

HTC Sync

Most mobile devices are Device Stage compatible nowadays but if you are planning to buy any new mobile device and are not sure about its compatibility then contact your manufacturer for getting the necessary information.

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