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By | July 11, 2007

craigslist.jpgI like Craigslist. Posting ads on Craigslist is fun, and helps in boosting your link popularity and traffic. Craigslist has one of the highest Alexa rankings in the world; so if you want your site to get some exposure, posting a small ad can work wonders.

I’ve heard that posting an ad on Craigslist helpes get your site out of the supplemental index, but I wasn’t very sure if this would work at first.
Looks like it does.

Recently, I had a new site go into Google’s supplemental index even before it was one week old. Something like this happening can be a real damper.

Remembering that posting on Craigslist might help, I posted an ad about my site. Nothing spammy, just a small ad outlining my website theme and concept. I also carried on adding to the site.

Within 3 or 4 days, my site was out of the supplemental index! Now that was a relief. Was it because of Craigslist? I think so.

However, it also has to do with the fact that having a relevant backlink helps resurrect pages from the supplemental index. It doesn’t only apply for Craigslist links, but any other high ranking backlinks as well. Craigslist just works faster, because of the high Page Rank it has.

Craigslist is such a high traffic place because there are tens of thousands of people posting or browsing ads every single day. The site sits atop a Page Rank 8 ranking, Alexa rank of 47 and literally millions of backlinks in both Google and Yahoo. Tremendous credentials indeed.

So how do you leverage Craigslist’s power for your own websites? Remember that Craigslist is an huge classified advertisement site that is broken down into regions and categories. If in doubt, just look up your country or region located in the drop down menu on your right hand side.


Here is a quick start guide.

  1. Create your Craigslist account. It’s fast and easy (needs only an email); just remember it’s also equally easy to get banned from Craigslist for spamming.
  2. Look for the location/region that best describes your location (located in the menu on the right hand site)
  3. After that, select a suitable category from the list shown.
  4. Click on “post” in the top right hand corner and follow accordingly. Your ad will go live in about 15 minutes from creation, and stay published for 7-45 days.

For better ads:

  • Choose the most relevant category only.
  • Use ads in moderation. Don’t abuse your privileges.
  • Don’t forget to place a backlink to your own sites. You might want to check the existing topics and sites already created to be sure if your ad fits in that particular category.
  • Allow some time between each posting of ads; you don’t want to be a spammer do you? Excessive posting of ads in a relatively short space of time, can lead to banning from the Craigslist site.
  • Don’t post the same ad into a different location. If found out, all your ads will be removed. Craigslist has a system that enlists users’ help in flagging spammy ads, so it’s best not to attempt anything stupid. There are many spies in Craigslist, so beware! These guys have a job of keeping Craigslist as clean as possible from spam.

Right now, Google is still very much in love with Craigslist. But the search engine giant is likely to be currently devaluing links from Craigslist. As to how long the privelage of posting an ad for free remains – this is still an uncertainty.

For sure, many unscrupulous webmasters have long abused Craigslist to create backlinks to their sites. As noted, Craigslist is great for some backlinks and traffic but especially useful to sites that sell actual physical products or services.

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