Adding watermarks in Word 2007

By | December 17, 2009

Quite often, when you create a client sample or a report, you might want to add a watermark or an image in the background of your document. At times, these watermarks may be used to represent the status of the document – pending, urgent, confidential, and so on.

Although it was a bit difficult in earlier versions of Word – where you might have had to add these bookmarks by using WordArt or found yourself fiddling with images to display them as a watermark in the background – the task is a lot simpler in Word 2007.

Here’s how to add watermarks to your Word 2007 documents.

  • Start by opening your Word document and then access the “Page Layout” tab.


  • In the “Page Background” section on the Ribbon, click the “Watermark” button to display its menu.


  • A list of different types of watermarks will be displayed. Select the watermark you want to use and you are done.

These were the steps to insert the predefined watermarks in your document. But the problem according to some, is they are too light and faint to see clearly. So, custom watermarks are better. Word 2007 also enables you to insert custom watermarks. Here’s a quick preview of how to do it.

  • To add a custom text or image, you need to select the “Custom Watermark” command that is displayed at the bottom of the Watermark menu.


  • You can do various tasks related to watermark from the Printed Watermark dialog box that is displayed:
  • If there is no watermark inserted in your document, the “No watermark” option will be selected by default. You can also use it to remove existing watermark from your document.
  • You may add picture watermarks by selecting the “Picture watermark” option. Click the “Select Picture” button, browse to and select the image that you would like to add to your document.


You can choose the size of the image you want to add. You can also select the Washout checkbox, if you want to make your watermark lighter and more subtle. Click “OK” and then “Apply” to add the image watermark to your document.

This is a very good way to add your logo or picture as watermark in your documents.


  • You may select the “Text watermark” option to add a custom text watermark. You can specify your language, custom text, font, size, color and layout for your text watermark from here.

Basically, that’s all to it. You now have a custom image or text watermark added to your document.

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