Convert PDF into text with Gmail

By | April 16, 2007

There is a post about Gmail over at QuickOnlineTips about Gmail and the various uses of Gmail. Aside from all those uses, I would like to add a use of Gmail that might be useful. I actually found this feature by accident when I sent a PDF file with Gmail. Do note, it cannot parse images, but text is fine.

You can also use Gmail to convert PDF files into normal text

I think this is probably one of the better uses for Gmail, as I don’t use Gmail to chat :/ How it’s done is simple pie, in two steps:

1) Just attach a PDF file from a location on your computer.


2) Send a blank email to your Gmail email account from your Gmail account.

You will receive your Gmail email (with no message inside, of course) and you’ll see an option to view as HTML or download (as a PDF). So if you view as HTML, you can copy the text and paste into Word, and you will have then changed that PDF file into a Word file.

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