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By | September 8, 2007

While doing a work related assignment yesterday, I found myself in need of a calculator. But I didn’t carry one with me at the time. Does that sound familiar? For dealing with numbers and digits on a daily basis, a calculator is indispensable. I use calculators everyday in my job, and if I can just connect online, I know where to get my calculations done fast and quick. Some calculators are desktop downloads, and others need live online access.

Here is a list of calculator resources to get a calculator right at your fingertips. Getting a functional calculator is easier than you think, just a few keystrokes away…
Use Google

There is a ready calculator to use anytime as long as you have Internet access. It’s in Google. Actually, you use Google itself as a calculator. No need to go anywhere else, when you can just open up your browser, go to Google, (or it’s faster, if Google is your browser’s homepage) and type in your math question.

Example: If you type in “500/4=” into Google, you get the answer immediately, 125.

Google can do simple and complex math equations easily.


Instead of using Google directly, you can employ a full feature widget calculator that Google provides. Just open Google and type in “Google Calculator”. Voila – You get a calculator.

Latest update (2015).

Maybe you want to try something that is more complex and installs on your computer, since most widget calculators are only simple calculators. They don’t do heavier stuff. If you want something more advanced that works easily on your desktop offline, you could try some of the free scientific calculators that are software and need to be installed (at your own risk) OR if you own a smartphone, there are now plenty of apps that can do the job.

Download from Microsoft

This calculator has a lot more features than the standard calculator that comes with every Windows OS in the Accessories section. You can get it from the Microsoft site here.

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