To open links in new window or not?

By | June 29, 2007

This topic was discussed recently on Problogger regarding the opening of links in a new window; whether it was a good practice or not. Now this is an interesting subject, not least because it received a lot of comments.

In fact, I’ve always wondered which would make the better choice. That Problogger post was a spot on.

I used to configure almost all outgoing links to open in a new window, because I personally don’t use tabs very often, in fact rarely; and I always felt it would make browsing easier for my visitors when they want to come back to my blog as well as add stickiness.

The comments received showed that probably 70% of the commentators didn’t favor links opening in a new window. Would that mean the majority of Web users don’t favor new windows? I think it depends on the topic.

Darren’s post got me thinking on a rule of thumb to use – if the audience are Web savvy folks, open links in the same window. If they’re not expected to be Web savvy, then open links in a new window.

Since my blog is for my readers, I’ve decided to open links in the same window from now on. However, I still surf the web by opening new windows and not tabs, and close irrelevant windows when not in use. I just make sure I don’t open too many windows, and that has always been my practice. But I guess majority wins, so moving forward, this blog will open most links in the same window. 🙂

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