Enable scrolling in Windows Start Menu

By | December 10, 2010

Many people have a very large office space and frequently sit far away from their computer monitor.  If that is the case with you, you probably have a fairly large screen resolution so you can clearly see your monitor from far away.

Because of the settings on some computers as well as the huge amount of programs installed, you will find that after just a few new program installations the icons on the All programs menu will cascade right off the screen. To fix this problem you can restructure the folder system on the All programs menu to store certain programs inside of existing folders.

There is an easier solution however. If you are finding that you cannot see all of the programs in your All programs menu you can enable scrolling. Enabling scrolling is a very simple task if you follow these steps.

One option is to enable scrolling:

1.    Right-click Start, select Properties.

2.    Select the Start Menu tab, and then select the Customize button.

Customize Start Menu

3.    In the Customize Start Menu dialog box, click on the Advanced tab.

4.    Under Start menu items, click the check box to select the Scroll Programs option.

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