How to setup Outlook 2007 in Windows 7

By | August 8, 2011

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most important applications of Windows 7 as far as Internet and especially mail usage of a person goes. It not only makes it easier to access the mail account and check emails but also provides the functionality to manage mails and send them at the correct time by maintaining it on the calendar.

Here, we’ll look at some of the steps to install Outlook and sync your email ID with it.

1) The startup screen welcomes you to Outlook 2007 and tells you that it would be helping you to install Outlook and would be guiding you through the entire process of installing and synchronization of your email id with your Outlook 2007.

Outlook 2007 startup screen

2) In the next step, Outlook provides you with the options to connect to an Internet email, Microsoft Exchange, or any other email server. If you have access to a mail server, you can click on Yes and proceed to configuring it in the next screen.

Outlook 2007 account configuration

3) The next step is the auto account setup. Here we enter the relevant details of our email account in order to sync it with Outlook. First, we enter our name followed by our email address, and then the password for Outlook to save it. The password needs to be reentered for confirmation.

Outlook auto account

4) In the next step Outlook 2007 establishes the Internet connection and then searches for the email id’s server settings so that it can configure the details and verify its authenticity. Since Outlook establishes the connection with the email address for the first time, it sends a test message to the email id to check the connectivity and to make sure that the user is active and is able to connect with the help of Outlook 2007.

Outlook 2007 server settings

5) As we reach this step, the setup is almost complete and the screen shows how Outlook processes the details, and starts working with the given email id. Once the processing completes, the Outlook 2007 account is ready to be used. However, it will scan for junk mails and ask you on the proper action that it should take.

Outlook 2007 email screen

As the old mails start getting downloaded to the local machine, you can setup your calendar, add notes and tasks as well. Moreover, if old emails and contacts are stored in your local machine, they can be imported too, into your new account.

Outlook 2007 has surely made life easier and a lot more hassle free for people who need their email IDs to be at their fingertips throughout the day, and who also need to manage their days according the emails they receive and send.

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