Windows 8 Already? But I Just Got Used to Windows 7!

By | September 27, 2011

Windows users, personal and corporate users alike, are slow to purchase new Windows operating systems when they arrive. When XP was released, users stuck with Windows 03, when Vista arrived people finally took a liking to XP. Windows users just seem to be naturally wary, and like to stick with what they know.

However the new Windows 8 operating system, which was launched as a beta or preview version only days ago, does have a few extra perks that may finally entice Windows users to download the new operating system before yet another system is released. Although Microsoft has not announced any official date yet for the release, it is believed to be next year (2012).

Key features that every Windows 8 user can look forward to without having to worry about a phone number lookup to track down tech support include:

The Speed

There really isn’t any other way to describe the speed of Windows 8 other than lightning quick. It definitely breaks speed records for Microsoft, and offers fierce competition for iOS and Mac OS X Lion. The new OS is completely up and running in less than 8 seconds, and Metro UI practically launches immediately.

The Connectivity

The cool thing about the new operating system is that it literally works on everything. Instead of only being able to use Windows 8 on desktops and laptops, you can now use it on tablets too allowing for greater connectivity amongst devices – which is awesome considering the growing popularity and use of cloud computing.

The Touch

Windows 8 was predominately created with one thing in mind: touch. While the touchscreen and Metro UI are great, there isn’t anything that really sings about them. That is, until you start uploading games, skipping through screens, and start launching the Charms bar. You’ll be pretty blown away by the touchscreen and Metro UI then, as not only is it different from anything Microsoft has ever done, but it is better than most other touchscreen products available on the market.

The Apps

Another cool feature of Windows 8 is that it will be fully stocked with the creation of the Windows App Store. While the launch of a Windows App Store was no surprise, it should definitely create further competition in the app industry, allowing users the opportunity to see the development of some pretty awesome apps.

Microsoft is hell bent on beating out Apple on every front. They are striving to offer superior operating systems, smart phones, apps, and other products, and they are making several great moves in the right direction. While they may not be the company that first created many of these awesome features, they are definitely trying to perfect them in order to maintain industry prominence.

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