Windows Vista annoying pop ups

By | August 3, 2009

If you have worked with Windows Vista, it will occur to you just how annoying those notification pop up balloons are on the task bar. So Vista is on it’s way out soon, but this is for those of you with Vista.

You’ll see those balloons when your wireless connection is disconnected, when it’s in the process of connecting, when the system cannot find a security certificate to log you on to the network, then again once it’s connected to the network. You will also find these pop ups appear if you have disabled Windows firewall, if you have reduced or eliminated the Vista User Account Control system, or if you do not have Windows Automatic Updates turned on. These pop ups can prove annoying.

My friends who use Vista find these pop ups annoying, because it always notifying them about something redundant. Do you find it annoying? We did a little research and found a way to turn off these pop up balloon notifications. This is a pretty extreme solution to a common problem, but if you are fairly confident with your computer skills you might be comfortable attempting this registry tweak. If you are not comfortable enough to work directly in the registry files, there should be some GUI based downloads out there that will perform the changes for you.

Step 1: Open the registry editor in your system by navigating to Start>Run. In the Run dialog box, type in ‘regedit’.


Step 2: Find the following key in your registry files:


Here is where the work comes in.  In the right side of the window (you will notice it is split in two sections).

Step 3: Right click in the right window and choose create a new 32-bit DWORD


Step 4: Type the name ‘EnableBalloonTips’

Step 5: Type in the Value ‘0’

In Binary Code the number 1 represents yes, or true, and the number 0 represents no or false.

Now you can exit the registry. These changes will not take affect right away. You can either restart your computer right away after you make this change, or wait until the next restart. If you did everything correctly, you should not see any more of these annoying pop ups.

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