WordPress 2.3 does not spy on users

By | October 7, 2007

If you are using WordPress 2.3, which is the latest version, there is a new feature of it which may appear alarming to some; it transmits your blog information and URL, along with the version number, to the main WordPress server. This feature is not a spying feature, but has been implied to be so by some people. Which is a good thing about Open Source software, since you have so many users, there are bound to be totally valid concerns raised by some people – and keeps developers honest at the same time.

I agree with Matt Mullenweg’s reply, when he said all this while, the same information is transmitted everytime a post is written in WordPress and pinged by Ping-O-Matic. This time, the only new info being transmitted is the PHP version and list of plugins beingwordpress-logo.jpg used. Some people may find this feature useful if they own multiple blogs running on WordPress, since you don’t need to be constantly checking if there are plugin updates or not.

If you love WordPress like I do (but don’t like this version checking), there are two plugins that will disable these auto checks.

  1. Disable WordPress Core Update.
  2. Disable WordPress Plugin Update.

WordPress is still the best blogging platform out there, but if you want to make a change, there is always Textpattern to consider. It’s always good to have a freedom of choice. I have tested Textpattern before, and can vouch for it being one of the most powerful of the “non WordPress” blog content management systems out there.

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