Blog template factor in SEO

By | April 13, 2007

There is an interesting post at ProBlogger concerning blog templates (or themes as they are called in WordPress) and the role it plays in SEO. Although I never gave that much thought to it, I think there is a fair amount of truth in this.

The most important thing is and will always be quality of posts and originality. But how about a little boost from your blog theme? Now, how do I know if a theme is good?

A good theme can help get your site indexed in a matter of days

The thing is to find a theme that loads the content first, be it a 2 column or 3 column theme. Speaking from experience with other sites, you can set up a domain, put in a post, and watch it get indexed in as little as 2-7 days, IF you have all the factors in place, one of which is the theme.

So what are the usual criteria for a good theme from an SEO perspective? The usual culprits for a theme, as far as SEO is concerned:

  • XHTML validation. Transitional 1.0 is best for now.
  • Relies heavily on CSS stylesheets, the more the better.
  • Less or nil tables. Tables are becoming more outdated by the day.
  • Post content is first in the HTML coding.
  • Dynamic page titles display. Chris Pearson has a good description.
  • Semantic markup. XHTML <definitions> that define the code within the opening <> and closing </>tags in a semantic/related way.

Speaking of WordPress themes, I have yet to find an all round free or commercial theme that encompasses all those attributes above while looking great at the same time and all the while, widget and banner friendly. Throw in Ajax functions, and I guess you have the dream theme,…………if ever there was one 🙂

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