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By | April 12, 2007

Now this is a story that needs to get out more. There is a very interesting story of a young girl (only 20) who makes a succesful living on the internet, and it’s not some typical hyped up story, which you always come across, but it’s a story of “how determination can overcome all the odds”

Now this girl is from Iran, of all places… and you don’t need me to tell you that it’s next to impossible to surmount all the barriers blocking Iranians from conducting business online, but that is what she has accomplished, (and I got to say I’m in awe)…

Maybe the name of Ladan Lashkari might not ring a bell in your head just yet, but her success would still put many a seasoned internet marketer to shame…when you consider her home country isn’t what I would call favourable in the least…it puts a lot of things in perpective.

Lets see…non English background, no Paypal, no ClickBank, no CJ, no credit card, no US bank account, no travel visa, rasicm bias, terrorism labelling, server blocking…etc

Now that’s what I call obstacles…but what she does is just hurdle over them all. I notice she took the rite steps in unlocking the Clickbank, Paypal knots…but coming as I am from the banking sector, I know how long (even costly) such a process can take. So, there really isn’t any excuse not to not give up (on anything). To quote her,

“When you are just getting started, you should know it might take some time to make the amount of money you expect, and you should keep on and don’t give up – no matter how people around you try to disappoint you. I think this is the most important and difficult part… it’s where most people give up.”

I should think that’s pretty good advice for anyone 🙂

Congrats, Ladan.

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