How to find dofollow blogs

By | January 23, 2008

One of the traditional boons of blogging is the whole comment thingy. Meaning leaving a comment and having the possibility of getting extra visitors to your blog, or receiving comments, and therefore not feeling like it’s just a one sided conversation. I wouldn’t think of any blogger who wouldn’t appreciate comments on their blog.

The problem with comments, is comment spam. It’s the primary reason why most blog software have the “nofollow” tag on by default. This command confers a zero link strength value on the link, and will not pass link value and Page Rank at all.

From a blogger’s viewpoint, leaving comments on other blogs does two things:

  1. Get traffic back to their blogs
  2. Get link juice back to their blogs

The first reason makes sense; many people follow links from your comments to arrive at your site. If you post comments on hight traffic sites, it can result in some visitors going back to your site. Then again, too many comments on a page will drown out your comments. So, that’s one of the drawbacks of commenting on popular blogs – You won’t get noticed!

no-follow.jpgThe second reason is about SEO. Most blogs have “nofollow” on by default, but some blogs are “dofollow.” Posting comments on these blogs can get you some link benefits, but these have to be blogs who have opted for “dofollow.” The problem is, these blogs are rare.

Here are four good tips on finding blogs with “dofollow.” The other resources I’ve found so far, haven’t lived up to their claims.

  • There are some blogs that have posted lists of “dofollow” blogs. One of these would be Courtney Tuttle’s list.
  • Check out this directory featuring “dofollow” blogs only. It’s a great resource.
  • Finding the badges of dofollow blogs via image search.
  • The most basic way of finding a “dofollow” blog is to take a look at the HTML source code of the posts. If the comment URLs do not have a tag called rel=”nofollow”, then it indicates a “dofollow” blog.

do-follow.jpgUltimately, you have to bear in mind that “dofollow” blogs are greatly outnumbered by “nofollow” blogs, and the very few that are, will not tolerate spammy comments, and they are all heavily moderated. So, if you are going to make a comment at all, do make it a comment of quality!

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170 thoughts on “How to find dofollow blogs

  1. drivers

    Thank you very much. This is the easiest way for get backlink for bloger. but most of people just miss it.

  2. seotraining

    Thank you very much for providing the links to those tools and lists. It’s a bit difficult finding dofollow blogs. They are not as visible as the nofollow ones.

    You are right in saying the NF blogs outnumber the DF ones. They don’t get noticed at all, though for link building they should be more valuable as resources than the popular NF blogs.

  3. PDF Writer

    Hi Darrin,

    I’m glad i found your blog and this posting. I’ve searching around using Google to find out more information about DO-Follow blogs that leads me here. The 3 tools/sites you have shared are very relevant to me. Many thanks to you.

    I was also contemplating about buying software which can serve the purpose of finding relevant blogs with Do-follow feature. Do u know of any good one to recommend?

  4. DarrinW

    To all the commentators on this post,

    There are a few free tools that can find do follow blogs, but they are not really efficient. You may have heard of Comment Kahuna, but it’s far from effective in finding just do follow blogs.

    Here is a better one by Neil Shearing.

    Do remember,

    The bottom line is just leaving a good, useful comment each time you comment. Comment wisely, and you should have no problems with search engines, blog owners, and other blog readers. 🙂

  5. English to Dutch Translation

    I don’t know if I have been doing things wrong, but I only ended up getting NoFollow links anyway with both Comment Kahuna and Real Link Finder. At the moment I’m using Fast Blog Finder, which seems to work better (or at least for me). The free version searches up to 50 blogs. Works better than the other one’s, but I still won’t upgrade to the ‘Gold’ version.

    Can others share their experience on CK and RLF finding only NoFollow blogs?

  6. Cola Tax & Solutions

    Thanks for the directory link! I have tried software but your right the are almost 100% nofollow links. I actually found this site by searching “dofollow blog software”. I wish I could find such software. Until then I guess I’ll use directories. Thanks again.

  7. DarrinW

    You are free to comment on this blog, but please make sure your site is indexed, developed, and best of all, similarly themed. Spammy looking sites, or new, poor quality sites will likely not be approved. Thanks 🙂

  8. Fira

    Thanks 🙂
    I hope we will all find good blogs to comment on. I am trying to convince my husband to make my blog dofollow too. But he is afraid that with too many backlinks the value of my site will drop. Do you guys have any experience with this?

  9. The CaymanHost

    The software mentioned is fine if it’s not used to spam Dofollow blogs. Unfortunately there are always people who abuse it.

    DoFollow bloggers are usually quite savvy and watch comment patterns carefully so using Comment Kahuna and the like to post the same comment over and over – which it is capable of doing, will usually result in bloggers marking your comment as spam through services like Akismet and that is not where you want to end up.

    Joining the DoFollow community at Bumpzee will not only help you find a lot of DoFollow blogs, it will also give you a grounding in what it’s all about and the “netiquette” involved 🙂 Also recommend readers check out Andy Beard’s blog at who owns the community and has answers to many questions and concerns about DoFollow and SEO.

  10. Marcel Feenstra

    Thanks for providing a few pointers –highly appreciated! BTW, there seems to be a recent trend (?) that I find somewhat annoying: blogs that use *both* moderation *and* nofollow… After all, if a webmaster thinks that a comment is good enough to be published, shouldn’t he/she give the author of that comment some “credit” in the form of link juice?!

  11. Cheap Blog Advertising

    I am using Fast Blog Finder. It is a FREE Do-Follow Blog Finder that comes in FREE however it only display 50 results max. To have unlimited display, You need to purchase the premium version.

    So I have been using it and find it rather reliable. Anybody reading this comment I encourage you to download and try it. 🙂

  12. Yankees Blog

    There are tons of dofollow directories out there now. Courtney Tuttle’s D-List is probably one of the biggest (and one of the oldest as well), but Nickoo Shore has quite a list on his blog as well. You guys might want to check out his site (jsut google his name) because you can never have enough dofollow lists :p

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  14. SEO marketing blog

    Am just doing a bit of research in order to put together a list of sites that provide dofollow blog lists – a meta dofollow blog list if you like – so watch this space!

    I also recommend the Search Status Firefox pluggin for quickly picking up nofollow blogs without having to explore source code – much quicker.

  15. FX

    I think do follow is a way forward but now a couple of really decent plugins have come about called commentluv and keywordluv – they are better for traffic and SEO purposes and they bring in a load more decent commenters.

    Well worth looking into if you are a blog owner

  16. New Orleans Cooking

    Blog commenting is a very important part of my linkbuilding strategy, but I go out of my way to make sure my comments provide value.

    I also use Fast Blog Finder and I bought the paid version which provides a lot more relevant results. You can also look for blogs with CommentLuv to double the value of your comments. I have even found myself clicking on other people’s blog posts on CommentLuv sites just because I thought the post sounded interesting.

  17. Ken

    I am new to blogging and really appreciated your post and the tips you handed out, for finding do follow blogs.


  18. Nesco Food Dehydrator

    It’s nice to see that comments on a post such as this about do-follow are actualy do-follow. It’s funny – I was just on a page with the theme along the lines of ‘join the do-follow revolution – let’s all install do-follow plugins to get more comments’ yet that page itself was no-follow – how ironic.

  19. Gotham - Sydney Design Studio

    Nice to see you practise what you preach, there are plenty of sites that talk about the benefit of dropping the no follow tag and still have it on the comments on their own site…

    And the directory online of do follow blogs seems to be full of sites that have probably upgraded to a newer version of the blog CMS and haven’t fixed the no follow issue in the latest version.

  20. DarrinW Post author


    Yeah, but I have to contend with A LOT of spammy comments linking to low quality sites – It’s giving me second thoughts, these days.

  21. Rick

    I will have to look at the dofollow directories you mentioned. I have tried some directories and they are full of nofollow blogs. I don’t know if it has already been mentioned in your posts but I have found the Firefox plugin “Stylish” with a certain “style” loaded to be useful. You can find it at Note I am not associated with this site. Once you have it working and you go to comment on a site, any prior links left by commenters show up in a pink box if they are nofollow.

  22. Mike W.

    There’s another way to check if a blog is dofollow. It’s a pretty quick and dirty way.

    If you look at the comments already made on a post, and you right-click on the commenter’s name (which is a link), then click on properties. A little box pops up and the very bottom thing in that box should say something like relation. If a blog is dofollow, the relation will be “external.” If a blog is nofollow, the relation will be “external nofollow.”

    Just another way to do it. A little less comprehensive, but pretty efficient.

    But anyway, nice post. Thanks.

  23. sportsman

    Hey, thanks so much for that great article. I have been searching for a quality DoFollow article for a while now. I appreciate it! Those directories are incredible. Have a good one!

  24. MOin

    a great article you are so true there are not much dofollow blogs so one should not pollute the blogosphere with spam and lost this opportunity too. i am messed with some dofollow blogs

    if you can answer this question then please have your place.
    when i am commenting here on your blog your main page is pr4 so i am getting a pr4 backlink?

  25. DarrinW Post author

    @ Moin,

    I believe the PR of the particular page is more relevant than the main site’s PR.

  26. Notation Software Music Editor & Music Maker - Personal Composer

    I think the whole “nofollow” attribute is a contradiction to Google’s pagerank. Google wants everyone to acquire links to their site, yet if every software has this “nofollow” attribute, then by default links who deserve credit will not be credited. Look at wikipedia for example. They find references all over the internet, and the least wikipedia should do is credit their references…but they don’t. Instead, they implement this “nofollow” just like the rest of the blogging community. Anyway, I am glad there are resources out there to find these “dofollow” blogs, etc. I use Comment Kahuna and Fast Blog Finder. They are just alright though.

  27. Sumesh

    I’d already found Courtney’s list, but thanks for the other two methods.

    And I see you’re having dofollow here 🙂

  28. Jazmin

    Hi there,

    Great post! One of the things that really frustrates me is that I’ve been finding that several of the blogs listed in “do follow” directories either don’t exist anymore or aren’t really “blogs” per se that allow comments.

    It leads me to wonder if some of these sites have pulled a sort of bait and switch: they claim to be dofollow to get some directory link love, then they switch their format and enjoy their inbound links.

  29. Convert

    I just learned about this dofollow way in commnets from you so thanks for that. Will look at wordpress on how to install the same and then the the badge of dofollow blog sign via the image search. Thanks for the tip, cheers.

  30. Chris F. Znajomi

    i saw here some people are using “fast blog finder”. so do i.
    i loved that piece of software from the first moment, until i found out that what ever i was searching for, i always got the same blog results. over and over again.
    i guess they have a database of ~1000 blogs and this is what you are actually scanning in the end. i still don’t know if it’s a good idea to buy the gold version. could be a catch.

  31. Find DoFollow Websites

    Try the new site called Where U Go I DoFollow.

  32. .Net Developer

    From my experience, about 10-15% of all blogs are dofollow. Nofollows seem to be more prevalent among non-tech blogs, probably for the nofollow default reason that was indicated above.

    I have used the plugin and SEO for Firefox plugin. They will identify nofollow links while you’re browsing.

  33. Maria

    I’m glad i found your blog and this posting. I’ve searching around using Google to find out more information about DO-Follow blogs that leads me here. The 3 tools/sites you have shared are very relevant to me. Many thanks to you.

    I was also contemplating about buying software which can serve the purpose of finding relevant blogs with Do-follow feature. Do u know of any good one to recommend?

  34. DoFollow Blogs Search Engine

    I made my Webmasters blog DoFollow long ago and realized that I’ve been getting loads of comments. But, of cheap quality!

  35. Fazer um Blog


    i`m a Courts reader and i`ve found your blog true G search on dofolow blogs. Thanks for the other 2 methods.
    Apreciated …


  36. Patents

    How would I be able to search for blogs or websites that allows you to link to them with the “dofollow” rel?Give me some websites or maybe a list of it .. It is hard to come by and would be very valuable to me .. Tnx in advance..

  37. Elizabeth

    This is my very game too! 😀 It’s so addictive!

  38. find dofollow blogs

    DoFollow blog lists must be actively checked. About 10% of dofollow blogs that appear on these lists switch back to nofollow due to the spam. I check my list each month to ensure they continue to be dofollow

  39. DarrinW Post author

    @ do follow blogs,

    You know what? I’m seriously considering switching back to no-follow as the spam comments I get are at an all time high. It’s just intolerable at times… I’m “talking to keywords” most of the time, or else the sites these guys link to really don’t meet the mark, created yesterday, or are totally unrelated to my theme…

  40. Blogging About Nothing

    Finding DoFollow blogs are already tough tasks. Finding DoFollow blogs that are also on Technorati are even harder. It would be very nice to see you put up a DoFollow blog list.

  41. DarrinW Post author

    @ Blogging about nothing

    There’s no point to put up a DoFollow blog list because many of these blogs revert to NoFollow and some are just abandoned.

  42. Matt D.

    Darrin you’re right about DoFollow users reverting at some point. I have looked over a couple of DoFollow blog lists, and they are definitely not 100% accurate. The problem doesn’t seem to be quite as bad as with lists of “free directories”, but it still isn’t good. Somebody needs to create a DoFollow directory with some kind of spider that would occasionally visit all of the member blogs to keep them honest.

  43. Wedding Planning

    You should have no problems with search engines, blog owners, and other blog readers. This is one of fastest way to build some quality links.

    And you are dofollow too !

  44. Discount Stores

    Thanks for the list. People should understand dofollow blogs encourages people to post comments. =D

  45. Cubic zirconia

    Hi Darrin. I stumble upon your blog by Google search. It is great to find your article here. Actually I am looking for some dofollow blogs to build some quality links recently. Your posts are really helpful to me on this respect. Usually I would use the basic way just like you mentioned to take a look at the HTML source code of the posts.Thanks for your efforts made to contribute dofollow attribute.

  46. DarrinW Post author

    Don’t be surprised if many DoFollow blogs switch back to NoFollow. The amount of comment spam and time taken to moderate them is substantial. I know of a DoFollow blog that switched off commenting totally (Comments Closed) for all the posts.

  47. Overstock Coupons

    Thanks for the info. The problem with the popular lists of dofollow blogs is that nearly all blogs listed have tons of comments on them already. I suggest trying to search for blogs using the commentluv plugin.

  48. Testking

    The main problem is that many blogs have already converting Do follow to No follow due to Spam. I don’t think so that we can find many Do follow blogs. Any one any new idea?

  49. Patric H


    Wanted to thank you for the tips and also to mention that our real estate training community is also dofollow. We encourage users to leave thoughtful comments and to interact with the website. The site is Real Estate License Direct

  50. Vlad

    All this talk about follow nofollow makes me feel like a lowlife trying to get attention and to raise my rankings with sleazy methods, but ever since my PR dropped from 4 to 0 I got mad and I am willing to do everything I can to make it right again. One should not waste such valuable time trying to increase his rankings but work harder for quality and not quantity. Everywhere I see more and more blogs where the information is copied from some other place just because that was a good seo method.
    Nevertheless, before I start a debate here, let’s not forget the reason I’m here and visit my site when you have the time. It’s

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    Glad to see this post here. I followed you from digital point forum.. I am much concerned about my blog PR. I hope your link to a list dofollow sites and directories will help me a lot. Thanks for your contribution.

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    Interesting post. I believe whether it’s dofollow or nofollow, if you have something interesting to say, just do it. Submitting regularly to blogs of interest to you will start to generate small loads of traffic to your site and with time, this can easily add up. If by chance you submit a nice comment which got approved on a high traffic blog although it’s nofollow, your traffic numbers can go up.

    For sure, if you can get some comments on dofollow blogs, you will benefit from the link juice and popularity which can get your site indexed or ranked better on search engines. It’s a good idea to locate some dofollow blogs and submit to them but not making it constantly a habit. I believe a mixture of dofollow and nofollow is great.

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    I learned a lot from the article and appreciate the helpful links!

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    It is absolutely right of you. While a question in my mind for a long time, shouldn’t a comment is casual and simple? We do not write a blog, but just saying our feeling after something. Each comment that is real sense should belong to a quality comment. In my blog, I insist on this!

  55. Daniel - Facebook enthusiast

    Thanks for the article – it was the nr. 1 on Google on find dofollow blogs 🙂

  56. Aditya

    I was searching the way to find dofollow blogs. I found over 100 but my search is still on. I’ll follow your tips now. Thanks

  57. Jessica

    Some months ago I joined the dofollow community but I started receiving so many spam comments that I decided to quit.
    Some spammers think we´re dum, they just leave a link or a comment such as “Nice blog”, nothing else.
    I had so many spam comments and spent so much time going trough them that it just wasn´t worthy.
    Currently, I have a “Top Commentors” widget in one of my blogs to reward those who comment more. It´s my way of saying thanks to them.

  58. Mike

    I’ve just made my blog DoFollow. It would be nice if everyone would do it!

    Things seem to have got a bit more systematic in the period since you wrote this post and there’s now quite a few DoFollow blog searches using various Google Custom Search engines (basically you have a config file where you just tell Google what domains you want to show results from).

    Like another commenter noted though what was previously a DoFollow blog can often become NoFollow overnight!

  59. hotels tenerife

    It’s crazy that there are so many nofollow blogs out there. Nofollow doesn’t stop spam because spammers hit these sites anyway. It’s best if we’re all just nice to each other and share the dofollow love, the world will be a much better place!

  60. DarrinW Post author

    It depends. There is a lot more to the issue than just sharing link love. Google can and does penalize sites for linking to illegal sites, among many other things, for example.

  61. Alex

    Another great way to search for a dofollow blog, is to search in google(or other search engine) for:
    Comments links could be nofollow free

    That’s the footer that the nofollow plugin add automatically to each post!

  62. Free Competitions

    If used correctly do follow can really bring your blog alive with insightful comments and increased traffic. The biggest problem is spam which i hate. I have no issue with people using keywords but al least leave thought through comments, not “I agree” or other one liners. It’s an excellent list that you have provided thanks so much for sharing.

  63. Clayton Shumway

    This article got me thinking about changing my blog to do follow. Seems like the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And there are plenty of good blog extensions that effectively filter spam.

  64. mytheory

    yea,, commenting on dofollow blogs really useful for improve our link building campaign, moreover if that dofollow blogs have top commenter widget 🙂

  65. Chris

    Great info. I just checked out ‘’. It may not have a list for all categories but it is still useful.

    I wonder how much of an influence the linkback from comments really have?

  66. Javier Martinez

    Thank you very much for your article. It’s very difficult to find dofollow blogs. I use the software Fast Blof Finder but the free version just let you see 50 blogs, but anyway it’s another good alternative.

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    I am working on seo since 6 months and do quite good in terms of content relevancy but i m helpless without backlinks, for example i work hard on keyword & content and submited it, now i got position at 2nd page of google its really good but not best i want it on 1st page in top 1-5 list now what will help me is only backlinks a dofollow backlinks yes. I find your post very helpful and it saves my time. thanks.

  68. Domo Kun

    There are tons of dofollow directories out there now. Courtney Tuttle’s D-List is probably one of the biggest (and one of the oldest as well),

  69. Johannes

    Many thanks for your enlightening post! I was looking for some help in the whole seo thing. This a good start. I also find the tips of your readers very helpful.

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    If you want to get a good amount of traffic from the search engines then commenting on blogs is a must. It does two things for you, it brings people to know you better and make sure you are trustworthy and it also adds some link juice just like this article suggested. Link juice is a must if you want to be anywhere near the top of the serps.

  81. Registering a Website

    Thanks for the links. I’ve tried using software like Comment Kahuna, but the quality of results is not what it used to be.
    Also, it should be noted that the link to the directory has been flagged as a malicious site. It could be a false positive, but I just thought people should know.

  82. Tango Info

    The problem I have found is that
    (a) there are very few keyword specific blog site (but heaps if you don’t care about niche blogs)
    (b) many of the so-called dofollow collections end up with many nofollow – perhaps they are out of date?

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    I will appreciate help to set my wordpress blog as dofollow.
    I know that there is a plugin that needs to be uploaded but how do I connect to WP serwer?

    Is product review feature on the website considered as dofollow traffic generating method?

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    I find it amusing this article has so many (admittedly well written and contextual) links on it for the purposes of linkbuilding.

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    Not to put a damper on your parade, but Price Comparison is a very competitive keyword, one of the most competitive out there with lots of heavyweights, and big pockets. Good luck with that……. No idea for product names or manufacturer numbers, they are huge and yes, they change all the time.

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    Wow! Never heard of image search for dofollow badges before! Thanks a ton! The bad thing–and we can’t relly influence it– with the dofollow commenting is that most bloggers shit in comments making blog owners switch to nofollow 🙁

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