How to find dofollow blogs

By | January 23, 2008

One of the traditional boons of blogging is the whole comment thingy. Meaning leaving a comment and having the possibility of getting extra visitors to your blog, or receiving comments, and therefore not feeling like it’s just a one sided conversation. I wouldn’t think of any blogger who wouldn’t appreciate comments on their blog.

The problem with comments, is comment spam. It’s the primary reason why most blog software have the “nofollow” tag on by default. This command confers a zero link strength value on the link, and will not pass link value and Page Rank at all.

From a blogger’s viewpoint, leaving comments on other blogs does two things:

  1. Get traffic back to their blogs
  2. Get link juice back to their blogs

The first reason makes sense; many people follow links from your comments to arrive at your site. If you post comments on hight traffic sites, it can result in some visitors going back to your site. Then again, too many comments on a page will drown out your comments. So, that’s one of the drawbacks of commenting on popular blogs – You won’t get noticed!

no-follow.jpgThe second reason is about SEO. Most blogs have “nofollow” on by default, but some blogs are “dofollow.” Posting comments on these blogs can get you some link benefits, but these have to be blogs who have opted for “dofollow.” The problem is, these blogs are rare.

Here are four good tips on finding blogs with “dofollow.” The other resources I’ve found so far, haven’t lived up to their claims.

  • There are some blogs that have posted lists of “dofollow” blogs. One of these would be Courtney Tuttle’s list.
  • Check out this directory featuring “dofollow” blogs only. It’s a great resource.
  • Finding the badges of dofollow blogs via image search.
  • The most basic way of finding a “dofollow” blog is to take a look at the HTML source code of the posts. If the comment URLs do not have a tag called rel=”nofollow”, then it indicates a “dofollow” blog.

do-follow.jpgUltimately, you have to bear in mind that “dofollow” blogs are greatly outnumbered by “nofollow” blogs, and the very few that are, will not tolerate spammy comments, and they are all heavily moderated. So, if you are going to make a comment at all, do make it a comment of quality!

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