PayPerPlay about to go live

By | January 30, 2008

PayPerPlay (PPP) is a new concept in Web advertising which has found a large group of hopeful supporters, (as well) as detractors. It’s a “new” advertising concept by a company, NetAudioAds, and prior to this, has been heavily promoted by its recruited affiliates. Although the concept was announced a few months ago, it hasn’t really been launched, yet.

This is supposed to change starting Feb 1, when the program is supposed to start airing. Few if any, webmasters have not heard about this ad program by now.

The concept in theory

Basically, it plays an audio ad clip for 5 seconds when a visitor visits a site, and it cannot be avoided – unless you don’t have speakers connected to your computer, that is. Supposedly, there are many companies eager to advertise, that this method (audio clips), is seen as a good way to do that. Or is it?

Good and bad

  • Claims to earn something for the webmaster, from every visitor that visits his/her site. But, the payout is something like below one cent per audio play, which is pretty cheap if you ask me.
  • Annoying to many people. I for one, surf without my speaker on, and I presume many do the same. Reason – Don’t have to hear autoplay songs on websites. So what will make it any different with PPP?
  • It will probably do extremely well, for popular shopping sites selling audio products and ringtones, and likely not for most other kinds of sites. That is just IMHO.
  • It has a well established affiliate payment structure, that might look a wee bit too “pyramid scheme-like” for some. NetAudioAds has definitely done all they can to promote it.

More curious than anything else

Actually, PPP reminds me of Agloco; methods of promotion are similar. We know what happened to Agloco – it basically fizzled out last year.

I’m definitely watching how this whole PayPerPlay thing pans out. They have many issues to sort out, and it will be interesting to see how things unfold this year. I do think this program will only be good for high traffic sites that already had an audio focus way before PPP ever came out, because their visitors are probably used to having their speakers on, and audio blasted at them.

Update: Looks to me, this program is in “soft launch mode.” Whatever. I’ve never signed up to date, and still waiting to hear it on a live, living site. So far, little news.

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