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Happy Holidays

I’d like to wish all readers of my blog a happy holiday season and blessed fortunes next year. These are interesting and challenging times we live in. When I started this blog early in 2007, I had always intended it to be a place to jot down my observations, musings, news, and share tips which… Read More »

Improve your Internet connection speed

Are you getting frustrated with your Internet connection and its speed? The first thing you need to know is that the speed of your Internet surfing is not dependent on the speed of your computer hardware at all. Minimum hardware requirements are enough to surf most sites. Although Internet speed is largely affected by external… Read More »

My Atari history

Just recently, when I began shifting some stuff from my old residence to my new one, I noticed this game console in one of the old boxes. It was my old Atari set, which I had all but forgotten. I took a pic of it and you can see it below, it is pretty much… Read More »