Why I haven’t blogged of late

By | October 15, 2008

Been really busy with work, and doing 12 hour work shifts. The result – a serious lack of time to post on my blog. I know I have been silent of late, and hope my readers don’t mind too much. I’m coming to grips with the current financial crisis hitting the globe, and trying to make sense of it. This is definitely a time to remain calm and focused, not panic. Things may have to dip before they ever rise again. Certainly, things have started to improve in stock markets all around the world just a couple of days ago.

I’ve been posing myself a curious question, since I surf around and these days, the current financial meltdown has resulted in a mood of doom and gloom, which only breeds more doom and gloom, real or imagined (seems to be more of the latter). Time to snap out of it, because we have serious issues to tackle.

For good measure, I come across an article talking about the Internet “ending” in the near future – 2012. To assume that such a scenario could never happen at all would be a little foolish. I know I can’t imagine a world where everyone would need to pay to use the Internet, and using different channels for that matter. Let’s hope this scenario NEVER happens, but then again, who knows? I think the threat is real enough to be concerned about.

What do you think? Well as of right now, I’m more than a little tied up in work. Next month, I’m looking at a similar scenario as well, right up till December. Which means less time to blog. I guess this is what happens when my employer is the top dog in its sector. Business as usual, perhaps more!

Will be back posting soon.

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