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For better SEO results, consider a translation plugin for your blog

I just installed a translation plugin on Modern Street. It works quite ok for now. I found this plugin at The World’s Greatest Blog. 😉 (Thanks Rob) There are currently, a few around that may or may not work for your particular blog. I recommend searching around until you find one that works. SEO-wise, you… Read More »

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Digg effect experiment at SEOmoz

I noticed an interesting post on SEOmoz that in essense shows the power of Digg and Reddit in building crazy traffic overnight. The post by SEOer Daniel Tynski is here. A worthy link bait from any webmaster’s perspective. How long would it take to get 234,000 visitors? Practically overnight? Here’s what I observed: Social media… Read More »

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LSI: A quick look at LSI

Almost everyone agrees LSI is here to stay, and will keep on increasing in importance in the search engines. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is a way to evaluate a document based on semantically related terms using a sparse matrix with rows corresponding to terms and columns corresponding to documents. A weightage is assigned to… Read More »

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How to use keywords in your article

Search engine marketing relies heavily on articles to promote products. Without a proper keyword optimized article, it is going to be difficult to get your article up in the search engine results. As if it has become a byword, unique quality content is important to please both search engines and humans. But whereas humans can… Read More »

Blog template factor in SEO

There is an interesting post at ProBlogger concerning blog templates (or themes as they are called in WordPress) and the role it plays in SEO. Although I never gave that much thought to it, I think there is a fair amount of truth in this. The most important thing is and will always be quality… Read More »

Redirecting your urls to a www prefix

Here is a sure way to ensure that your site always starts with a http://www. prefix. It doesn’t really matter as far as SEO is concerned whether a www. is better than a non www, but it still appears that at least 90% of all sites on the web start with a www. If you… Read More »

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