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Need a calculator? Find them online

While doing a work related assignment yesterday, I found myself in need of a calculator. But I didn’t carry one with me at the time. Does that sound familiar? For dealing with numbers and digits on a daily basis, a calculator is indispensable. I use calculators everyday in my job, and if I can just… Read More »

Replicate your blog on XAMPP in Windows XP

Those who have self hosted blogs may from time to time decide that they want to tweak the sidebars, adjust the layout, add a widget, or just try out a new theme and see how their blog looks like. Especially for CSS issues, you will likely need a lot of testing and previews to get… Read More »

How to fill up the W-8BEN form

If you’re a non US citizen applying to join Commission Junction or many other US based companies’ affiliate programs, you will be required to fill up the W-8BEN form and mail or fax the form over. So first things first, you can download the W-8BEN form at the IRS website here. For non US citizens,… Read More »

Preventing spyware from getting into your PC.

As I was having a major problem with spyware/malware residing in my PC for the past several days, I’m think I’m going to talk about this ubiquitous problem that is afflicting millions of PCs the world over at any given time. My first direct experience with a computer spyware was back in the good old… Read More »

Convert PDF into text with Gmail

There is a post about Gmail over at QuickOnlineTips about Gmail and the various uses of Gmail. Aside from all those uses, I would like to add a use of Gmail that might be useful. I actually found this feature by accident when I sent a PDF file with Gmail. Do note, it cannot parse… Read More »