Finding jobs through Craigslist

By | August 5, 2007

Of all the many ways to find a new job, Craigslist probably can count as one of them, albeit a more unusual way to source for jobs. After spending a bit of time snooping around Craigslist, I can say it is quite easy to find a suitable job there, even though you never ever see Craigslist as among the top results in Google or Yahoo when you search for any thing to do with job recruitment.

There are several advantages to using Craigslist to do your search. I think it’s an easier way to secure a job if you’re sick of getting rejected for the umpteenth time, because I find many jobs posted there do not require very high qualifications. So Craigslist gets my vote for being:

  • Able to narrow down your search to a specific location.
  • A variety of jobs available that includes less “usual”jobs and part time jobs.
  • A huge community of employers (and employees) surf and post to Craigslist everyday.
  • A relatively secure and convenient way to do your job search.

As I felt Craigslist may have security holes in their job recruitment system, I had a look at their system (which they have been using for years), and felt it was quite secure. Posters usually supply an anonymous email address for job candidates to respond to with their details. This email address goes through Craigslist’s email system and although a frail way to really ensure your details are safe, is still better than nothing. You’re still not going to know your potential employer’s real name before further contact is agreed upon.

As for job scam risks, Craigslist certainly has staff that review job advertisements, and also (good) community members will often flag down jobs that appear as scams to Craigslist. That doesn’t mean scammy advertisements do not appear on Craigslist; they do. Heck, even the local newspapers carry lots of scams in their advertisements.

Zooming down on location

You can search for jobs in practically the whole world on Craigslist. Most major cites in most countries are listed on Craigslist, so you can search for any available jobs specific to your area.

Part time jobs and flexible jobs

I notice a lot of jobs on Craigslist involve part time positions. There are also many flexible jobs and less usual jobs available at most times, which may just suit your aptitude. I found some telecommuting jobs there that are home based, requiring VOIP to communicate, and seems to me to be work-from-home type of jobs.

Huge traffic on Craigslist

I still don’t really understand why Craigslist continues to run relatively smoothly despite the HUGE traffic load on their server everyday. Maybe a very watered down design helps…Browsing Craigslist always reminds me of a newspaper community section. 😉

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