Wealth is relative

By | August 7, 2007

Fancy reading about millionaires who claim they are not happy? How is that when the rest of the world is just a mass of humanity toiling in the doldrums day and night!

I don’t think its really surprising when you study the theory of relativity (not that I really understood what Einstein was really saying). In this age of billionaires, 10 million dollars is really nothing, that’s true, but it seems to me the ones who don’t know the value of 10 million are the ones having that kind of money; the ones who say to themselves, “if only I had half of that, I would be happy”, are the ones who never seem to achieve even half of that sum! And for those that actually do, its one huge anti climax in the end.

Hey, for ordinary people, $10k a month is A LOT of money, but for someone who has $10 million, that’s absolutely peanuts. For a multi-billionaire, what is $10 million a month? He’ll need almost 10 years just to crack $1 billion.

So when does that end? Or does it?

When you’re rich, your problems are different – Maybe that’s what these rich millionaires are trying to tell the less fortunate ones (and hoping for their understanding). It’s all just theory of relativity here. You think you will be happy with just 1 mil NOW, but after 5 years of slogging away, and let’s say you’ve achieved this goal…will you still be happy THEN?

I think that’s a good question to ask yourself every now and again.

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