How to Search Commands in Office 2007

By | July 24, 2010

Although Office 2007 is designed to be quite user friendly, you may find yourselves lost when you switch to it from Office 2003. One of the main problems that you may come across is searching for commands on the Office 2007 Ribbon.

Search Commands is an Office 2007 add-in that enables you to quickly search for those commands. Let’s see how to add and use this feature in Office 2007.

One way to install Search Commands add-on is to join the Office Labs Analytics program when you install Office 2007. When you do this a new command called “Search Commands” is added to the Ribbon.

You can also choose to install the add-on later. For this, you first need to download Search Commands Add-on from OfficeLabs website and then install it on your computer.

Install Search Commands in Word 2007

After the installation is complete, you will see that a new tab with the name “Search Commands” added to your Office 2007 applications.

Search Commands tab

Now that the Search Command is added to the Office 2007 Ribbon, let’s see a few examples to work with it.

Example 1: Want to add lists in your Word 2007 document.

Type “list” in the “Search” box and all commands related to it will be displayed on the search bar.

Add list in Search Commands

Browse through and select the command you are looking for.

Example 2: Can Word 2007 really save documents as PDF file.

Yes, it can. Just type “save as pdf” in the Search box, and the command that will enable you to do it will be displayed for you.

Save document as pdf in Word 2007

Example 3: List the commands related to creating a master slide in PowerPoint 2007.

Type “master” and have all commands related to working with master slides displayed on the Ribbon.

Create master slide in Power Point 2007

Example 4: Don’t know how to go about working with slides in PowerPoint 2007.

Just type “slide” in the Search box on the Search Command tab and gain easy access to all 60 commands related to slides.

Display all commands for slides in Search Command

Example 5: Easily access commands related to using Formulas in Excel worksheets.

Access all commands in Excel 2007

You can see that more 350 commands have been detected. You can use the “Previous and Next” buttons on the Search bar to scroll through all these commands and access the command that you want to use.

Scroll all commands in Search Commands

Search Commands is a nice Office 2007 add-on that significantly simplifies the task of using Office 2007 Ribbon. With this add-on in place, you don’t have to waste your time looking for commands anymore.

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