Just finished changing hardware

By | July 22, 2007

I’ve just gotten myself a new PC (almost), just replaced many of the existing internal hardware for newer types. Now I feel like my PC is running on turbo again. I never get the best and greatest hardware there is; just as long as the specs are okay, its okay with me. 🙂

I know some people just like to splurge and get some mega powerful PC, especially if they enjoy gaming, but there are reasons to just keep your machine lean, mean and disposable – just too much spyware and viruses these days that will just creep up and ruin your experience with your PC and your surfing.

Take for example the ati2dvag problem I’ve been suffering from for more than a year now. Pretty good enough reason to change to NVIDIA, although it seems NVIDIA users report similar problems. I currently believe that this has something to do with Microsoft’s Windows XP updates, which skews the graphic card drivers and even the graphic card hardware itself little by little. Either that or a type of virus that cannot be identified through normal antivirus scans. Well, does anyone know the definite cause?

Changing the hard disk just suppressed the problem for a while. Updating the ATI driver also produced the same result after a period of the problem going for an apparent temporary hibernation. The PCI to PCI bridge thing didnt do it either….

Changing the hard drive didn’t solve the problem for me, and after suddenly getting so bad the last week, (it wasn’t just restricted to playing games), I had enough and got myself a AMD Athlon 2x 4000 and also a new motherboard and graphic card, which isn’t ATI powered anymore – NVIDIA this time.

So keep them lean and disposable, that’s my philosophy. PCs just aren’t meant to last in this age of viruses, spyware, adware, grayware, malware, and what have you. Also since technology keeps evolving, what’s good today costing $XXXX, will only be $XXX in 6 months time. No point to spend needlessly for what is going to be B or C grade in 6 months time; that’s what I say.

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