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By | June 27, 2007

If you ever experienced your computer freezing/crashing without warning all of a sudden, with a blue screen on your monitor saying your computer was “caught in an infinite loop”, plus there is a mention of the word – “ati2dvag”, it means your computer has caught the ati2dvag bug. This bug seems to affect ATI video cards.

I was having this problem on and off since last year, but it got really bad a few days ago. If you have not yet experienced this problem, then keep your fingers crossed and consider yourself fortunate, because this is a REALLY annoying problem that does not have a sure solution or cure, and can give you enough fits to trash your old faithful PC.

The usual symptoms of the ati2dvag problem are:

  • PC crashes without warning, sometimes the display shows weird patterns before the crash.
  • Resolution may revert to the lowest resolution settings upon restarting your PC.
  • The CPU temperature may shoot up prior to crashing.
  • PC may not be able to reboot back after the crash, unless you turn off the power supply unit of your PC and switch it back on again.
  • Your PC tells you (sometimes only) that the ati2dvag driver has failed to function.

This is a universal problem afflicting thousands of PCs worldwide and can occur in totally new or old computers; it doesn’t discriminate. Imagine the frustration of buying a new PC only to have it crash on you after a few weeks and thereafter.

There have been many hypothesis’ postulated. Some say it is a very stealthy virus, some say it is an incompatibility with Windows XP SP2 and ATI, some say it is a problem with the hardware acceleration settings in the ATI graphic card, others say it is a problem within Windows XP itself…etc.

The 2 most common “solutions” are:

  • Reinstall the ATI driver. You are advised to launch Windows in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows boots), go to Windows Add/Remove programs and uninstall everything ATI. Remove the DAO/MDAC component as well. You can use the ATI removal tool utility which can be downloaded from the ATI website. The complete set of instructions on removing ATI can be found here on the ATI website.
  • Go to System Devices in My Computer > Properties > Hardware, and locate the option, PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge. This could under other names on your PC, so contact your PC vendor if you’re unsure. Right click, and select the “update driver” option. Manually search and install the PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge.

ATI and Microsoft have never issued public statements regarding this ati2dvag issue up till this day. There is no definitive prevention or cure of this problem also. What works for some may not work for others….I’ve reinstalled the drivers and now it only crashes while I’m playing some graphics intensive game.

If you think this is a trivial problem, look at a forum thread on this problem which has been running for 3 years with no “real” fix to date. It’s about time ATI and Microsoft consider this problem serious enough to warrant a concerted investigation into why this problem happens, and come out with the best possible fix.

Edit: I’ve published a newer page on the matter following up with a very long comment made by an ATI user here.

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182 thoughts on “Ati2dvag problem

  1. Conor

    I used this before on the masters edition. It never crashed!

  2. Yee

    i send my computer to the repair shop and just got it 2 days ago but today my computer got problem with ati2dvag so please help me with this problem

  3. RaminDiksin

    Mine has done this problem for about a year now. The ones that manage to get it fixed are lucky and have apparently made a change in a driver or something to effect the memory codes from freaking out into a BSOD. Some others could have a chip issue with some sort of voltage or signal sending problem. Gawd, there are so many things it could be.
    There is one fix that I know of that will cure every problem that a computer has ever caused…Recycle It and avoid ever getting another one again. After which we will all move back into our caves again and go poopy in the forest. 8oÞ

  4. Amitai Angor

    I’ve solved the Problem of ATI2DVAG- And want to share for those who are confused, and the rest of the world:

    1. Istall OS of your like (XP,7 ETC)
    2. Install Motherboard drivers except -.NET framework under ver.4
    3. Download .NET Framework 4 or higher from Offical Microsoft Site (,and install + Reset your PC.)
    4. Install latest Graphics driver.
    5. Download latest updates for The OS.
    6. Enjoy!

    Long thing short,
    I had to change my Motherboard on my exicting PC.
    So i’ve baught a new one and just installed it on my
    old configuration. THEN, the ATI2DVAG problem just started
    with my new EP45 Gigabyte motherboard and old Radeon 3850 graphic card (and Q9300 CPU).
    I’ve installed .NET framework 4 and that’s what solved the case.

  5. Amitai Angor

    After several hours of inspection, i’ve realized that
    sofware is not the problem here.

    A Memory test took place , and everything was great.

    Still the problem have changed to sudden resets.

    Only after i’ve changed the Inernal DDR3 memory stick,

    Everyting went well and the computer is now at peace!

  6. perkoset

    My solution to the ATI2DVAG problem

    HD3850 GPU
    160GB HD
    Intel e6550 CPU

    I have used “Total Uninstall” software to get rid of the drivers

    rebooted the machine

    then i installed the “omega drivers” for my GPU and the problem solved

  7. Steve

    My solution to the ati2dvag infinite loop problem for the Foxconn Cinema II deluxe motherboard was not to cause it in the first place. I foolishly updated the drives to the latest version (10.12). Backing off to the one provided with the motherboard appears to have fixed it!

    Foxconn Cinema II Deluxe
    AMD 785G
    HD 4200 integrated graphics

    None of the many solutions I found on the internet worked. Usefully, I found that the Passmark Perfomance benchmark tool reproduced the problem relatively frequently in the 2D test of fonts and text

  8. Gabi

    It seems crazy as to how this is happening to so many people.

    Easy solution = don’t use ATI !

    We have just bought many HP machines, all having the same issue, HP not being helpful as we are not using their “standard image” but we are using all the same drivers.

    Defo a SW problem, not regarding overheating and anything else of that nature which has been mentioned here.

    Nevertheless, what a pain!!!!


  9. Nathan

    I know this is going to sound really crazy and irrelevant, but I did this, and it has worked for me. STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER WEB BROWSER! I stopped using internet explorer completely, and switched to Mozilla Firefox (either 3 or 4 beta, haven’t tested other versions) and I stopped having this problem, and only do when I use internet explorer. It’s crazy, but it’s true (and it’s all because of you, and you might enjoy a little madness for a while (Billy Joel, you may be right)) anyway, back on topic, this solved it for me, I don’t know about you.

  10. mike

    I have the same problem with an x1950pro
    Video in problems when enabling network adapter and everything ok when disabling
    Many crashes with ati2dvag unable to be solved even after formating system
    same problem with linux
    I believe its just a voltage stability problem(bad regulators) in combination with hardware resourses-addresses cause when removing all usb devices(5Volt) reinstalling usb(microsoft wireless mouse-kbd)in another usb controller system was ok for ever(till another “heavy” usb device inserted).

  11. Enke

    I had the EXACT same problems as posted in this thread and I fixed it by cleaning the ENTIRE card, apparently there was some thermal paste that was hard and was covering a chip on the gpu, I cleaned and it started working again.

  12. mirojica

    My solution to the ATI2DVAG problem.

    just install omega drivers! :)

    good luck!!!

  13. Calle

    Aawergh. Just had my first run on this damn issue. Have run ATI CCC 10.x for a year without no BSOD; then today upgraded to 11.x and had a bluescreen within two hours. Aawergh. Time for a revert, or something.

  14. Gibbo

    WOW!!! I am still struggling to comprehend the number of people who seem to experiencing the same problem as me. What’s even more surprising is that I can find no official fix from ATI/AMD. Thus far, the issue seems to be limited to WoW… After about 5min of game time the screen goes blank and then returns (there are times that it doesn’t and I have to reboot my machine). I have tried *EVERYTHING* I could think of and almost all that I have found on forums and nothing has helped! Am going to try and install the Omega drivers *fingers crossed* today. If it doesn’t work, I would suggest that you all do what I plan on doing… Buying a litre of petrol… setting that PoS on fire… buying NVIDIA!!! Vote with your wallets people.

    Will post tomorrow if they help.

  15. Leichensack

    I think i kinda fixed this evil bug, or at least made it less active:
    1. Uninstall everything ATIish.
    2. Install omega drivers.
    3. Good luck :)

    My mashine crashed when playing flash games in between 3-30 minutes, after installing omega drivers I played about 2 hours.

  16. Seattle D

    Believe it or not, I resolved this issue by using some compressed air on my ATI 2400 HD Pro video card. It had an inordinate amount of dust on it, which apparently was preventing the cooling fan from working.

  17. rahul

    just one thing
    upgrade ur system to windows 7 32bit ultimate
    nd then all ur driver nd gaming problem will vanish

  18. Leichensack

    Omega drivers work!
    It’s been a week now since I installed them, and I didn’t encounter any bluescreen yet. :)

    Good luck all you guys out there

  19. cveba

    Basicly been having this problem on and of past 2 years and after i tryed pretty much everything and testing my sis’ nvidia(lower ql) graphycs card to see if problem was overheating etc etc still absolutelly no solution thus far…sadly think i will take one of above tipps(buy liter of petrol) and make this damn ati card rly ”burn” as supposed to:PP. In short dust is not issue(maybe in some cases but that can happen on any card not just ATI) and sad part is no1 officially even after so long says nuttin…

  20. Jerry Blaine

    My wife’s Vaio has been a great desktop. It started heating up and then went into the atidvag loop and reboot or blue screen cycle. When I took the system apart the heat sink tower was completely clogged with dirt. I cleaned it out. Started in safe mode. Removed ATI entirely via ctrl panel-ad/remove programs. I needed my Vaio systems disk in the middle of this process.

    Then, My Cmptr, Choose properties, Choose hardware tab, Choose device manager button, Click + next to System devices, Right click on CPU to AGP controller. Choose the update driver button, Select “Don’t Search” Choose next button, Select PCI standars PCI to PCI bridge, Hit Next button, Hit Finish button and reboot…
    I reinstalled ATI drivers from the original systems disk and bingo, it was done!

  21. Cesar M

    Hello, If you are showing a High Defenition Audio under Device Manager-System devices make sure that it is disabled. This is the cause for 100% CPU usage and with the ati2dvga BSOD problem. With my computer showing the same symptons mentioned also once I disabled it, all the issues disappeared. ATI should have known better. Good luck!

  22. Guesto

    I have this ati2dvag problem too with 2 different computers. I solved the problem by uninstalling all ati drivers and then downloading older catalyst install packs and tried em all. I can tell that version 10.10 is stable. Any newer version is ati2dvag bsod.

  23. Luc De Roover

    Adobe came unwanted with commercials about their flash player,for days i resisted and didn’t download .Yesterday i downloaded it ,just to have peace and avoid this nuissance every day. First all looked ok,until i opened u Tube.My screen went black ,pc crashed. i restarted…same thing.So i uninstalled Adobe flashplayer.I wanted an older version of the player but could not download it ,every time they forced me to download the latest version.Finally i downloaded it again and as result :The blue screen with the “ati 2dvag” note.So what now?

  24. Random Guest

    I’ve started getting this BSOD while watching youtube.
    Another great problem to have on top of the constant “VPU Recover” errors while gaming.
    Looks like it’s back to nVidia for me.

  25. John

    Yesterday i brought new AMD Radeon HD 6770, and guess what? I have similar issues now…my PC crushing while playing games(actually i cant play them anymore).Its not overheating(GFX card work at 45 C and less)…its something like in software or in device conflict….AMD SUCKS….tomorrow changing card…AMD bye!

  26. Erik

    Hi all,

    I’ve had the exact same problem:
    Grafical artefacts, crashes, blue screens… all this with my ATI 4850 HD Radeon on my XP 32 bit machine.

    But, I believe I’ve found the solution, since up until now (several hours) I’m not having any problems any more.

    What I’ve done:

    -Uninstallinga al the drivers in safe mode by making use of the “driver sweep” application.
    – Uninstalling the remainder in the normal mode by making use
    of the installpackage of the newest driver (CC 12).
    – Installing a new version of the driver and catalyst… however, not THE newest, I used a version 9.12 instead of version 12.xx

    Et voila!

  27. Nilo

    Más notícias…
    Tive um PC, 478 Intel 2,4 , com placa mãe ( PChips – EcaChips ) e uma VGA-AGP XFX GForce 6200, que rodava: Ghost Recon 2,Need etc.
    Nos dias de hoje não é possível fazer isso ! Qual o motivo ?
    Ganancia da indústria ?
    Erro proposital ?
    Pura incompetência ?
    Dizem que ATI é uma Caixa de Pandora ( nunca se sabe o que vai sair lá de dentro ou o que tem lá dentro ).

  28. Irwin Mainway

    SOLVED ages ago.

    HD AUDIO in new drivers series for the HDxxxx series video cards conflicts with existing audio drivers.

    Since I do not have a reason for HD AUDIO OUTPUT from the video card, so I JUST DISABLED the ‘unknown audio device’ in Device Manager.

    If already posted, sorry for not reading all 4 years of posts.

    ATI Catalyst version 10.2 seems to be the universal driver to use. According to download page is suitable for cards from Radeon 9500 to HD4870, with the HD4870 of course able to use newer drivers.
    I am using v.10.2 on a X1950 XT PCI-E.

  29. Little Bit

    I guess that this is why I just found a 2400 pro in the garbage!

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