Ati2dvag problem

By | June 27, 2007

If you ever experienced your computer freezing/crashing without warning all of a sudden, with a blue screen on your monitor saying your computer was “caught in an infinite loop”, plus there is a mention of the word – “ati2dvag”, it means your computer has caught the ati2dvag bug. This bug seems to affect ATI video cards.

I was having this problem on and off since last year, but it got really bad a few days ago. If you have not yet experienced this problem, then keep your fingers crossed and consider yourself fortunate, because this is a REALLY annoying problem that does not have a sure solution or cure, and can give you enough fits to trash your old faithful PC.

The usual symptoms of the ati2dvag problem are:

  • PC crashes without warning, sometimes the display shows weird patterns before the crash.
  • Resolution may revert to the lowest resolution settings upon restarting your PC.
  • The CPU temperature may shoot up prior to crashing.
  • PC may not be able to reboot back after the crash, unless you turn off the power supply unit of your PC and switch it back on again.
  • Your PC tells you (sometimes only) that the ati2dvag driver has failed to function.

This is a universal problem afflicting thousands of PCs worldwide and can occur in totally new or old computers; it doesn’t discriminate. Imagine the frustration of buying a new PC only to have it crash on you after a few weeks and thereafter.

There have been many hypothesis’ postulated. Some say it is a very stealthy virus, some say it is an incompatibility with Windows XP SP2 and ATI, some say it is a problem with the hardware acceleration settings in the ATI graphic card, others say it is a problem within Windows XP itself…etc.

The 2 most common “solutions” are:

  • Reinstall the ATI driver. You are advised to launch Windows in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows boots), go to Windows Add/Remove programs and uninstall everything ATI. Remove the DAO/MDAC component as well. You can use the ATI removal tool utility which can be downloaded from the ATI website. The complete set of instructions on removing ATI can be found here on the ATI website.
  • Go to System Devices in My Computer > Properties > Hardware, and locate the option, PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge. This could under other names on your PC, so contact your PC vendor if you’re unsure. Right click, and select the “update driver” option. Manually search and install the PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge.

ATI and Microsoft have never issued public statements regarding this ati2dvag issue up till this day. There is no definitive prevention or cure of this problem also. What works for some may not work for others….I’ve reinstalled the drivers and now it only crashes while I’m playing some graphics intensive game.

If you think this is a trivial problem, look at a forum thread on this problem which has been running for 3 years with no “real” fix to date. It’s about time ATI and Microsoft consider this problem serious enough to warrant a concerted investigation into why this problem happens, and come out with the best possible fix.

Edit: I’ve published a newer page on the matter following up with a very long comment made by an ATI user here.

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182 thoughts on “Ati2dvag problem

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  2. megszalott

    I figured this problem out. When you’re system gets too hot, the ati chipset crashes. The solution is to clean you’re cooler. I cleand it out with compressed air, and it solved the problem.

  3. DarrinW

    High temperature is amongst the leading causes of the ATI driver crashing, but in my case, opening up the side panel only kept the problem at bay for about 5-6 months.

    If you don’t see the problem coming back in a few months time, then congrats 🙂 But all the same, to be on the safe side, better upgrade your driver if you’re updating your windows all along.

  4. Nick

    I had the same problem on a Toshiba A60 Laptop. I have tried all the suggestions given but none seemed to work. I contacted Toshiba who basically said it was a microsoft issue, I contacted Microsoft who said it was a Toshiba issue??? Well after long hours of trying different things my soloution was this.
    1. Update mainboard Bios
    2. Download drivers (unzip but do not install)
    3. Goto Device Manager/Hardware/VGA
    4. Update driver
    5. Don’t let windows search, use advanced choose your own driver
    6. Browse to where you unzipped your downloaded driver
    7. Choose the ATI driver that matches your chipset
    8. Restart

    This worked for me. No loops or crashes so far.

  5. DarrinW

    Hi Nick,
    Do you notice that quite a number of Toshiba machines are having this problem? Not only Toshiba, but also AMDs (the 64 bit)…

    Maybe something in Toshiba machines (especially laptops) are not optimized for Windows and ATI to run together in harmony.

    But good for you to lick the problem, *fingers crossed so far.*

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. raffy

    i’ve been experiencing this problem since i got this WinXP.
    I’m not computer literate so please help me.
    Thanks a lot!

  7. DarrinW

    Hi Raffy,
    WinXP is just the short name for Windows XP.

    When did you get Windows XP? Is your PC old or new? Old computers can mess up with Windows XP, especially if your hardware is also old.

  8. Danijel

    We’ve got a Sony Vaio here (WinXP, ATI mobility radeon 9700) with the same ati2dvag blue screen problem. It all started this spring and the crashes became more and more frequent. On some forums they blame SP2 for the problems, but this wouldn’t explain all symptoms.
    I’ve now installed the latest Omega drivers and the PCI-to-PCI bridge system driver… at first it seemed to work! but then, immediately after login, the system crashed with another blue screene. This time it didn’t blaim ati2dvag, however.
    Should I find a solution, I’ll let you know…

  9. Danijel

    After the one blue screen it seems that all drivers have “sattled down” and Vaio then run through the whole night, without any crash! Here is a modified version, which should cause no crashes inbetween:
    1. deinstall all ATI things (reboot)
    2. install Omega drivers (reboot in safe mode)
    3. install PCI-to_PCI-bridge (reboot)
    Good luck!
    Thanks to all, who shared their experiences and knowledge. Without it I would already throw away that Vaio.

  10. DarrinW

    Danijel, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you 🙂

    You might want to install a system checker tool and monitor the temperature for a few months. I found one good one called SIW.

  11. Calvin Adams

    I had this ATI2DVAG issue and following the instructions of removing the video driver and re-installing the driver from Dell helped. Now working just fine. Thanks.

    I also recommend running a spyware scan and a virus scan after removing it and reinstalling.

  12. يشسييشسلاسيات سيبات سي

    Ok u had this error thingy for a long time now. i only had the blue screen pop up a few times and that was last year, but wat does happen is then i play a game or duel exe a game and im playing both exe for about a hour or more i can tell my PC starts to run vary vary hot. When i try to close one of the exes my PC just crashes no blue screen or anything. Just today when i logged off my game i ran to my car and when i got back the blue screen came up so i write down this file name and Google it. In the blue screen i dont remember it saying anything about running in a loop or anything and this was the first time i got this error in about a year but the PC has all ways been crashing. Im going to try the steps u guys have posted and i hope they will fix this bug im having i really dont want to throw this PC away we been thro a lot :

  13. Steven

    I’ve had my IBM T40 Thinkpad since about 4 years with WindowsXP. Never had a problem, about 6 weeks ago my wife has installed some new cheap USB hardware and drivers. Since about 2 weeks the laptop is giving me the ATI2DVAG.
    I’m not sure if it is a driver incompatibility or the over heating (possibly due to 4 years of dust collection). The funny think is that the bug comes up preferably when I have the laptop on my lap. Recently I worked for hours on the cold glas of the kitchen table and the bug did not show up.

  14. DarrinW

    Hi Steven,

    When I was having the Ati2dvag problem, one of the things I found out, was removing the side panes of my PC casing improved matters, probably because my AMD 64 was too hot. After that, I could play graphic intensive games without interruption. I thought I had nicked the problem. But this state of affairs only lasted about 5 months, LOL. AMD have improved their processors a lot since then, and I’m still on AMD rather than Intel. In your case, it looks like driver incompatibility with the overall system, but I would “turn over each stone” just to be sure.

  15. Vedran Bralić

    I have this bloody problem more then a year. First it was just from time to time when i want to start my computer. But today, it happen 14 times. Everytime I want to opes some folder my copmuter’s freezing and then crashed with well known blue screen and ati2dvag “explanation”. But second before crash i hear the procesor in hyperwork.

    I done everything i can so i don’t know what to do. I’m desperate, coz my job is depending of computer. Believe me if i don’t fix this problem i will say goodbye to microsoft and start to use apples.

  16. kyle

    Is this problem related to the graphics card and not windows? Becuase I am having the problem on my other computer and ever time a boot it up it gets stuck with a black screen and then just blue screens saying and error has ecoured “atidvag” I called dell support and tried to reinstall the drivers also updating them many times but ever time it just BSODs on me. And I kind of need help. Shoule I buy a new graphics card? Maybe like nivida? I dont know. If anyone could please reply that would be helpful. I am in troulble if i dont get it fixed. Yeah I am confused….
    Thank You!

  17. DarrinW

    Kyle, for me, I’m now running Nvidia, and so far nothing bad is happening. But Nvidia also has its share of problems. So far as we know, the ati2dvag problem is/could be -> related to any one of these – graphics card/power supply/dust/Windows configuration/CPU temperature/viruses…
    Did the Dell guys help? All the techs I sent my PC to, were stumped. I personally believe for my case it’s Windows and graphic card incompatibility. Some updates in Windows may slowly throw your system configuration off balance.
    Another one is power supply, if your power supply is failing, it can lead to the ati2dvag. Make sure your fans and temperature are running at optimum speed.

  18. Derk

    I had the same problem with my sony s360 (w/ ATI 9700 series) laptop. It had all the symptoms as listed here and it kept crashed on me every 20-30 mins or so. I tried to update all the drivers like you guys suggested. However, that didn’t solve the problem. So I opened up my laptop and found the fan was really dirty, covered with a thick layer of dust. I cleaned it up and now it works fine. You guys should try that too. Worth a try, I guess.

  19. Tony

    updated mine (Radeon Mobility 9700) to an omega driver ( – now works absolutely fine.

  20. Nick

    Guys I had the same problem… Except I couldn’t even get to my desktop because the screen was so messed up. I actually took my video card out and found a huge layer of dust buildup where my air intake of the fan is… (radeon 850xt).. I suggest pulling your card out and cleaning it well before doing any of these tideous tasks… this problem was obviously related to a heat problem. The dust buildup was causing the card to reach a higher heat and the card would shutdown the computer to prevent damage. Wow I almost was gonna reinstall XP.

  21. DarrinW

    Well guys, I think the top two “cures” [so far] would have to be cleaning the dust off, and updating/replacing the graphics card/driver.

  22. Toyoka

    Had the graphics card installed a couple of days ago. Thought it worked fine, expect for when i played certain games. I tried the cleaning and reinstalling methods, but surely enough they didn’t help much. The problem most likely is the card itself. Personally I don’t recommend installing an ATI graphics card for game-playing as it doesn’t support a very wide range of games.

    It would work fine when i played Portal (it even states it is best played with ATI :)) but when attempting to play other games such as World of Warcraft or Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, it would either rip the screen images frequently or freeze and crash… eventually showing me to the blue error screen.

  23. Hannes

    On my driver crashed when tried to switching to external monitor. This problem occurred after upgrading the BIOS of computer’s motherboard. I tried to update the ATI driver, searched after Radeon Xpress 200M series and found, but it didn’t install, it said that setup not found drivers matching with my hardware… Now I’m angry!

  24. Scott

    Those solution didn’t work for me, at all!
    My specs:

    Gigabyte main/motherboard – can’t remember the version.
    1GB DDR2 RAM
    250GB Seagate HDD
    Club 3D ATi Radeon HD 2400 Pro AGP

    Can it be, because of my graphics card is AGP?

  25. Hannes

    I reinstalled Windows and everything was fine, no more BSOD… Until I installed Everest Ultimate. Now I removed this program and let’s see if this was cause.

  26. Matt

    When I get the blue screen, it says ‘Beginning dump of physical memory’ or something like that. I have left the computer on for quite a while, but it does not complete. I have to just hold down the power button until it restarts. How long should this take considering I have Dual Core 2 2.2 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM. I don’t think the processing speed makes a difference or not so I included it anyway.

  27. Joe

    As stated above, there is no method that will work for all machines. Some can probably never be fixed.

    This may reduce the frequency of the problem if nothing else works:

    – If you are using a laptop which allows you to adjust the processor speed and fan cooling power, turn the processor speed right down (normally around 1/2 – 1/4 of the full speed of the chip), and turn the fan power to maximum, and save these settings as the default power regime.
    – Place a vacuum cleaner hose over the fan’s output system and vacuum for around 5 minutes. Next, spray some air duster into the fan’s input system, while still vacuuming the output vent.
    – Use blue tack or similar to attach a small stack of coins to the rubber feet of the laptop. This will raise it around 0.5 cm and allow the air to flow more freely.

    I have taken all of these steps and reduced the crashes from around 30 to 2 or 3 times a day.

  28. Joe

    Had to take a drastic step on a friend’s laptop with the same problem. It would literally crash constantly and could never stay stable for more than 30 seconds. Overheating wasn’t an issue as the laptop never got hot and doing my tricks (above) didn’t help. I simply uninstalled the graphics drivers – and let windows xp handle the graphics. The laptop now can’t play video full screen, but it can play DVDs in a small window perfectly – since doing this it hasn’t crashes a single time and you can always put the drivers back on if you have to.

  29. Sir Andy

    I am also getting this error, I have a Dell Latitude C640, running windows XP, Pentium 4 processor, and ATI Radeon Mobility 7500. altho unlike anyone else I have read, mine only gets this error when I am changing displays or screen resolution. (and not always at that) I am going to take this laptop apart and clean the dust out. I doubt this will change anything for me, since I just had the motherboard replaced 2 months ago, and have been keeping the temperature on it less than 120F. I believe it is a driver issue, only problem is I have the newest driver that I am aware of.

  30. archon

    hello, just last night I was bitten by this ati2vag bug. tried 2 run in safe mode and deleted all ati2dvag i cud search. when i restarted and got to desktop features, there was sumthing funny bout the resolution and it always drags. I’ll try on cleaning the fan later after work and try to remove and then re-install the ATI on my computer. Need to try all options. tnx for the tips here.

  31. aliG


    I tried these solutions:

    Reinstall drivers – nothing
    install omega drivers – nothing
    tried to disable in BIOS videocard – nothing
    Tried catch errors with HijackThis, registryboot, lot of antiwirus programs, SDFix, – nothing nothing nothing 😀 ridicilous… 🙁

    1. deinstall all ATI things (reboot)
    2. install Omega drivers (reboot in safe mode)
    3. install PCI-to_PCI-bridge (reboot)
    Good luck!

    Nothing 🙂 wtf wrong with ATI =/ they can die with this problem, and in market will be only nVidia … monopoly = bad

  32. CerberuS

    I have the same problem alig, and once I get another 100 dollars I dont even care if the ati card wasnt the problem im throwing this pos card in the trash so I never have to deal with random ati shit.

  33. DarrinW

    Ati cards may be a bit more vulnerable than we thought. But that is usually the last thing any company would do – admit a problem. It’ll be nice if we could have some stats to prove this, but I don’t think there will be any.

  34. KBM

    An interesting bit of info. IBM T40 had this problem intermittently till my wireless quit working. Didn’t have this problem while my wireless was broke. Had the wireless issue repaired, (not hardware) which involved reloading all the software for the wireless feature on the T40. Now this loop issue has returned. Trying the PCI Bridge driver update prescribed in various forums. We shall see.

  35. ignored-by-ATI

    ati2dvag problems

    installed an ATI 2600 HD pro for watching videos and playing doom3, everthing worked fine for a few mounths and then this crash happens during any video playback or 3d rendering (.avi files, doom3 , youtube).

    no amount of reinstalling (operating systems , and drivers) fixes this problem.

    Are these products not stable ?. how can hardware malfunction after a complete software wipe ? , it would seam that the hardware has the problem.

    i second the comment here that the next card i buy will not be from ATI , that makes me sad !

    considering i used a “voodoo 3” for the best part of 8 years with no problems, and an ATI 2600 HD pro for a matter of a few mounths . i now am wishing i had my voodoo 3 back.

    however i think we must realise that when running a windows operating system , your going to be shafted no matter what hardware your running.

    it amazes me that this kind of thing still happens , and people are still handing over the money.

  36. Hollywood

    I had the same issue for months I went emailed ATI twice in a week and it’s been 2 weeks I never heard back so I uninstalled the ati and hydrovision drivers took my ati x1650 pro out and threw it away and bought a Nvidia 8600 1gb gt. how much I have missed Nvidia my graphics are much faster and the update is so dang easier to follow. only reason i had a radeon was for that game America’s Army, with it you could see a bit farther and bit more through the fog. I would never suggest ati again and I was warned before I even bought it last year. I should have followed my fellow gamers advice.

  37. Satia

    I’m getting this, too, and am no where as adept at answers as you folks. I appreciated the suggestions a great deal — and am simply glad I’m under warrantee! “Dusting” it out has helped so far, though I’m sure it’s not the only answer! I don’t know what it is, but I did have one quick comment: after 5 months, dust will have accumulated all over again. Vacuumming out the dust is not a one-time solution any more than cleaning your dishes, right? So, if it started back up again after almost half a year… wouldn’t that really make sense? That’s why you have to dust your house more than once a year, too, or it builds up everywhere else. (I’m not suggesting that I think this is the only reason this error happens — I’m not that smart!!)

  38. Furry Raccoon

    I’ve gotten the ati2dvag error once in a while when I play a game called “jewels of cleopatra”. But a couple of days ago it started showing up almost constantly. Once I didn’t even get the game loaded before it showed up again. Other times I could load up a level and within 5 or so minutes, it would crash.
    Luckily, I remembered my most recent change that I made. I was trying to load an online casino game and it kept defaulting to 60hz refresh rate – too flickery for me. So I went to the catalyst CC and forced the refresh rate to 85hz. It was after that change when I really started getting crashes in “jewels of cleopatra”.
    Realizing that the 85hz change may be causing problems, I lowered it to 75hz and it worked better…but…still got the crashes…just not as often.
    But to me it seemed it has something to do with the refresh rate so my next attempt was to change the “wait for vertical refresh” option in the catalyst CC. I had it set to “performance – always OFF” and have changed it now to “quality – always ON” – and am happy to say that after a couple days of intense testing, I haven’t had any ati2dvag crashes.
    Funny thing is, I can run FSX for hours without a problem, but a simple match 3 game like “jewels of cleopatra” causes a crash. Though the difference there is the FPS rate. On FSX, the FPS on my computer is locked at 35fps. But “jewels” might be going much much higher 100+ and that’s where the “wait for vertical refresh set to quality always on” option may be helping out.
    By the way, I am running XP pro SP2 and HD 2600 XT.

  39. Chronos_Guitar

    It start happens to me =S, I build a PC JUST FOR PLAYING GAMES!!! …. and what I found is, I cannot play games, for god sake, what the hell is going on, what with this bug >='(. Happens with EVERY game I play, it doesn’t matter if is 3D or 2D or if consume to much resources, happens while playing, Doom 3, Ragnarok Online, Any of the “Orange Box”, Never Winter Nights, EVEN POPCAP games, come ON, POPCAP GAMES?!! …. =( I don’t know what happens, the only thing I know is, ATI and MSI get me enough problems the never get any product from that franchise anymore

  40. Chronos_Guitar

    Oh I forgot, My OS Windows XP SP2.
    Dx version: DirectX 9.0c
    Graphic Manufacturer: Diamond MM.
    Product: Radeon, Serie: HD 2600 PRO 512 DDR2 128-bit

  41. Sysmai

    I did not have time to read through this whole thread due to time constraints. So, I am sorry if I am repeating someone elses solution. From my experience the BSOD has a tendancy of blaming drivers and software for a completely unrelated problem. From my findings it gives you that specific file only because that was the last thing it was trying to access when it crashed. It took a lot of research for me to find a possible solution to the problem. From scrolling through I see that many of the people with problems have one of the newer HD type of ATI cards.

    The thing about these cards is that they suck up a ton of juice. More than any others on the market from what I understand. I thought because I had a 650 watt PSU that there was no way it was my power supply. However, I never thought about how much power was being supplied to each component. I have a ATI RADEON 3870 HD 512. I kept getting the same error on a brand new system I built. I even replaced my motherboard trying to correct the error. One main thing that many people do not look at is AMPERAGE. Most or all of the HD line of ATI cards require at least 26-30 amps running down the 12V Rail. Most PSU’s only push around 18 amps down a 12v rail. If you have a video card with TWO 6/8 pin connects and you have them both plugged in then you have 18amps X2 which is fine. With mine I only have one 6 pin input. So I find that I only had 18 running to mine. I replaced my 650w with a corsair 550w. The difference is that it has only one rail that distributes power to what needs it effectively. The corsair PSU I got has 41 amps running down the 12V rail. Problem solved. With that power supply I am running a Q6600 Pentium Quad core, 4gig dual channel hyperx kingston 6400 DDR2, ATI Radeon 3870 HD 512, 2 DVD Writer, 1 SATA HD, and old faithful Sound Blaster Audigy 2. I got it from newegg and read people running much more than myself including dual SLI or Crossfire with this PSU.

    At newegg:

  42. DarrinW

    Thanks Sysmai, for your input. My old power supply was only 300W, but my system back then was no where near yours. I’m now running 450W, on a newer AMD system, and fingers crossed, no problem so far.

  43. Dick Kusleika

    FireGL V7200. Formatted drive and re-installed windows. Started loading drivers and as soon as I got to the ATI drivers – blue screen. I couldn’t go more than 5 minutes without a blue screen. Now I’ve been installing software for 3 hours with no problem. My secret: An 8″ personal fan. I took the case off and pointed the fan right at the video card (which has a huge heat sync and a fan of its own).
    According to one of the engineers in my office, when the card gets too hot it draws too much power from the PS and that’s what causes the BSOD. That goes right along with what Sysmai says.
    The fan is too loud, so it’s not a solution. Instead of juicing up the PS, I think I’ll pitch this card and buy an NVIDIA.

  44. Jim

    I was having the problem with a refurbished Dell, and when I called tech support I was told that 25 previous calls had been made with respect to my computer for the same problem – obviously the original owner had the exact same issue and the dolts at Dell never really addressed the problem. After being told my issue was being sent “to the highest level” I didn’t hear back from anyone for almost a week, and after trying a few fixes suggested by lower level personnel and having to do a system restore, I basically gave up and just installed a new non-ATI video card. I know I could have gotten my money back or a new card out of Dell, but the time it takes dealing with the folks in India, and the complete aggrevation of it all just is not worth my time. Plus I got a reasonably good deal on a comparable video card. So far everything is running smooth.

  45. DarrinW Post author

    Hi Jim,

    Accidentally deleted your comment, but I’ve reinstated it. Thanks for reminding me about a potential problem with refurbished models. One of the hazards of buying “second hand.”

  46. totenflos

    people that suggest to pass to a non ati video card are right…and im no nvidia fun or something, like that…
    the dam cards are consuming too much power when hot and start going loony…im not changing my 600psu for the ati9600pro… and i already tried everything that is written in this thread. im going to buy a new card…hmm better ill by a new computer with an nvidia card.

  47. alex

    Unbelievable, but since I uninstalled the program “Everest Ultimate” (2 days ago), as Hannes said, the problem solved!!! Hope to stay solved 🙂

  48. alex

    I ‘m afraid the problem came back, so it did’t had to do with “Everest”. I think it has to do with the voltages…

  49. Mark

    I noticed that i get this error when something screwy happens with my network card. The other day, I unplugged my network cable and the re-plugged it back in. WHen I did that, I got the BSOD with the ATI… Error. I can reproduce this every time too.

  50. Hugo

    Sysmai, I also have a Corsair PSU (TX650W): 52A@12v. Still have the BSOD. It’s also not a temperature problem (GPU min:52, GPU max:72, CPU and HDDs well under control).
    Worse thing is, to ATI there doesn’t even seem to be an issue… they just ignore it. You need only to google it to see the extension of the problem.

    Stay away from ATI, let them know through your wallet how you feel about it. I know I will.

  51. Floo

    I was playing cod4 and then in a midlle of a match bam bluescreen , restart like 5 times (1 cu vioce went down) played second map, wait like 15 min went playing cod 2 bam… and then i let it restart bay it’self and there it was ati2dvag error, tried allsort’s of driver’s no gud…

    cleaned graphic put extra vent on it temp seem’s fine donno what to do

    PCI-to_PCI-bridge what is this ?

  52. Chris

    Hey I did a DXDIAG and noticed under the Display 1 section the Main Driver seems to be ati2dvag.dll. I don’t know if that’s already been pointed out cuz I don’t want to read the whole page, but it seems to me that the error is in the video drivers for sure.

    Sorry if I only pointed out the obvious. This is my first time investigating this error for my computer.

  53. Chris

    Just thought I would point out as an afterthought, the solution of deleting your video drivers and reinstalling them might be a reasonable solution. I have the latest drivers from ATI so I bet installing the OMEGA drivers right off the bat might help things.

    Maybe the problem is in one of the files that were changed for the OMEGA versions that is still in ATI’s, carried on from older versions? I dunno, someone smart will figure it out I’m sure lol

  54. robo

    I purchased an acer travelmate 7720G and after about a week it kept crashing with the above fault. After a lot of searching on the net for a solution as acer/microsoft and ATI dont have a clue, i ended up uninstalling all the ATI drivers and CCC in the add/remove programs of control panel and installed an alternative driver combination from omega.
    link is

    Just follow the directions and install, since then I have had no problems whatsoever.

    Best solution probably is not to buy a laptop with an ATI video card.
    Hope this helps someone else

    regards Robo

  55. The Mice|nator

    I have the same problem. All was (almost) fine until i bought new hd3870 and put them in cf… Im becoming a noob cause my pc doesnt work…..:(

  56. hakim

    my laptop is asus z99Sseries
    ati radeon HD 2400
    have 250GB HD
    2GB RAM
    firstly my laptop is windows vista (don’t know if it original or not). then i have format to windows xp pro(not original).
    and this ati2dvag problem occured when i have format to windows xp pro.
    it is caused by that windows xp?
    now,what should i do?

  57. mel

    grrrr I have the same issue. It takes about 4 goes to get my laptop to even bring up any screen. I hear something but the screen is black.

    My toshibia laptop gets so hot that it actually makes my room heat up, i bought a cooler but its not so helpful.

    now back to the screen, when it does start working its ok for 5 to 10 minutes then I get lines, then the screen gradually goes lighter , the darker up nothing, then after about 5 minutes I get blue screen the a message about ati2dvag blah blab loop blah blah…

    I am totally hopeless when it comes to anything tech…

  58. Charlie

    I wonder if there is any correlation to how people handle their hardware and the presence of the error. Have you guys ever put your laptop on a surface that stops airflow? Like your lap for long periods or your bed?

  59. Stranger

    I fixed the ATI2DVAG (infinite loop) failure I was experience on my desktop. I started having the problem three months ago, and noticed that my computer was a lot hotter than usual. I recently moved from Va, to a new apartment in San Diego that gets pretty hot during the day, and the air flow here is pretty bad. I thought the problem was caused by my graphics card (ATI X1900XTX), because it would get really hot; so I bought a new graphics card (ATI HD3650). I thought I fixed the problem but the following day I received the errors all over again (of note; the HD3650 ran 10 degrees cooler than my ATI X1900XTX). I decided to take apart my computer, and take my motherboard to the local computer store. According to the technician that was assisting me, my CPU was getting way too hot, because a slight burn mark was appearing on the core. I had a P4 3.0GHZ core that I bought in 2006. I bought an intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHZ core, but it wasn’t compatible with my motherboard. After replacing my motherboard with a new ASUS P5Q Deluxe, and the combination of my new CPU, I’m no longer having the ATI2DVAG problem. From my experience, it wasn’t the graphics card that was causing the problem, but my CPU getting way too hot. I’d replace the CPU (or at least make sure it still functions properly) before I do anything else. Hope this helps. Cheers.

  60. DarrinW Post author

    Yeah, heat is always a problem. During my system crashes, the temperature would always be through the roof…

  61. Richard A

    I have not noticed any heat problems at time of seize up.

    The one program that consistently is on when ever there is a problem and being used is Google earth. A series of horizontal lines then appear across the open window.

  62. graeme

    yes this was caused by overheating. laptop users remove keypad, get a powerful vacuum cleaner and clean around all fans and heat sink for a couple of minutes and also around the vents. Do this well and should be better. Also found usb laptop coolers dont work!

  63. jrcpdxor

    This error came up yesterday for me. I like all the fixes,etc. I’ve opened my box for air, dusted, vacuumed, etc. When I get to safe mode it is in another language. I don’t know if I could put anything new in the machine to start with. Has anyone seen this:

    ‘gefap RGE BAGS PDUS Versagf 1&10 A06
    Cgpqrag’t 1105%1100 P’gefap Tec’fgdggaes Dtd&

    And it goes on from there. Any ideas? Does this mean my machine just burned out?

  64. tina

    I have had the same problem, i even re-formatted my hard drive as ik thought i had a virus, can not seem to rid myself of this, will buy a mac i think!!1.. less problems apparentely..

  65. steve

    I had the same problem. My is a Acer Extensa 4420 using ATI Radeon 1205. I downloaded the official driver from Acer Europe and my computer started to crash intermittently. I went to ATI and downloaded their generic most current one for all drive update program. When I ran it, it refuse to update and stopped. Apparently, there is an agreement between AMD and ATI about updating each other’s driver despite being the same hardware. I just went into the directory (luckily it was on C:\) and updated the driver from their via control panel hardware. It now uses a 1200 series driver and I have not had a crash since then!!!!

  66. Marko

    I have Ati Radeon HD 3850 agp,
    My system is:
    AMD Athlon 5600+ X2
    AsRock AM2NF3 VSTA
    4 GB ddr2
    hdd 200 gb.
    power supply 650w.
    Everything worked perfectly and boom. When i turn comp. some weird patterns, windows cant start normal. when it does blue screen ati2dvag problem, i can turn only windows when i enable vga mode, 640×480 res. 4(bits) low.
    I tryed everything but no help. Should i change card or… ihave still waranty. tnx

  67. DarrinW Post author


    You might want to check your power supply. Inadequate power supply is one of the reasons behind the ati2dvag problem. Your system is quite impressive – therefore consumes lots of power. Is your power supply a pure power supply type and how long has it been running? Hint: A good quality power supply unit is usually quite heavy. Mine is. Cheap power supply brands won’t last very long on a high spec system.

  68. BB

    Just an idea.

    If anyone is using an ATI AGP card, make sure there is no PCI cards on the same bus. This caused me no end of problems over the past 4 days (and 2 different motherboards had the very same issue).

    try removing all cards from the PCI slots and run windows for a while and see if it behaves differently.

    But for the ati2dvag problem, i just got that while playing flight sim X.

    Graphics were quite high and it crashed except windows this time told me that the ati2dvag driver has stopped responding (and reset my display to 8bit 640×480)

  69. Marko

    Tnx guys, i have this comp. for 3 weeks and my pw. supply is ocz stealhXstream…ill try another. thank u very much

  70. Marko help. but my comp. is not hot CPU: 39-46 °C GPU:45-51 °C

  71. BB

    Another thing.
    Have been getting the ati2dvag crashes myself and noticed a couple of things while messing around with some settings and come up with a possible workaround that i have tested today (very hot day too)

    if you have a dual core system, set the affinity of the application to one core instead of two.

    This worked for flight sim very well as it is a notorious crasher.

    I found i was getting more crashes while the case was open (no moving air around the inside of the pc can cause it to heat up from stagnant unmoving air)

    So i closed the case with case fan oriented to suck air in. The gpu did not get over 62 deg (C).

  72. On

    Dear all,

    I have bought a new sapphire HD4670 512MB DDR4 display card three weeks ago. But now, when I try to play any 3D games within 5 mins, the display shows weird patterns and then a dialog appears which shows “ati2dvag stops normal operatons”.

    I have tried to re-install the newest driver and the problem does not solve. Afterward, I take the display card back to sapphire for checking, they said that it works well and no problem during the tests.

    Would you please please help me to identify what problem it should be…
    Thank you for your help!

  73. Alan

    Ati2dvag problem again.

    I’ve had this crash every time I’ve run my new computer since I built it 2 days ago. The longest time before crashes has been an hour or so.

    It’s not old drivers because this is a brand new, clean hard drive (Seagate Barracuda 500gb SATA)

    It’s not dust because the ATI Radeon HD4830 and all the other components are brand new.

    Motherboard (MSI P43 Neo-F iP43) supports PCIe 2.0

    The powersupply (460W) should be more than sufficient to run one hard drive, one HD4830, and one DVD drive. (I based this on other builds that I know work).

    The case is a Coolermaster Elite 300, with very high airflow, and plenty of fans. My cpu runs very cool (18-22C). Doesn’t seem to be a heat issue.

    I tried updating the ATI drivers. It just made the crash happen even quicker (within seconds of windows starting). I tried the PCI-to-PCI bridge thing, but it made no difference.

    I don’t think it’s a virus because the computer just has WinXP (SP2) and the drivers installed, two games, and Office. It’s not connected to the internet.

    Now I’m reinstalling windows to see if this helps, but I’m not optimistic.

    This is an ATI/Microsoft issue.

    If I can’t get this card to work, it’s going back.

  74. DarrinW Post author

    @ Alan,

    Your problem sounds like deja vu to me, if you’ve tried everything, and your system is new, than send it back. My problem also happened with my new PC. ATI and XP may have a conflict causing this, although like I said, nobody’s addressing it.

  75. Cam

    I have had this same ATI2DVAG problem, I thought it was only when I played WoW but now it happens a lot more often

  76. rock44883

    I have had the same ATI2DVAG problem also. I tried everything in the previous responses except for extra cooling fans, nothing worked. I just gave up for time being and installed my old Nvidia card(downgraded but stopped crashing) from ATI Radeon 9200se to Nvidia GX100/200 32MB. ATI support keeps telling me to do the most common solution which is even found here. I have a desktop MSI motherboard 1G RAM, and I always make sure the dust is to down to a minimum, defragged, and diskcleanup, specially virus free.

  77. Charlie

    I was just playing rainbow six vegas 2 today and i got the same thing, i was like ok let me just restart that usually fixes it?

    started up the game again 20 seconds into the game and BAM. Again.
    its been ok the past few weeks (ive only had it a few weeks)
    i will try reinstalling drivers

    i was hesitant on ATI cause i had a NVIDIA 6600 and i never had ANY problems with the NVIDA card whatsoever but the fan on it gave out(after about 4 years of heavy use and about 5 moves(overseas aswell)

    hopefully i wont have to send this back.
    if i do, for sure im getting a NVIDIA

  78. NotSoHappy

    Same problem here… computer is only few months old. I changed graphics card and the broblem started on the same day and I havent have found any cure to it yet.
    Graphics card is HD4850
    DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
    Motherboard: Intel Dragontail Peak DP35DP
    XP PRO SP3
    DX 9c
    2×2 GB DDR2-800

    I think this is last Ati card I bought !


    Hi, there! I’m experiencing the same problem about 3 months or so. The funny thing is that it began to happen just after when i moved from one city to other 🙂 So, the Q is: “Is it the voltage problem or not?”. My system is quite simple:
    CPU: Sempron 3200+ s.AM2
    MB: AsRock ALiveNF6G-VSTA
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon 2600Pro Core 700/Mem 1400, 256 mb GDDR3
    HDD: 1×80 GB Excelstor/ 1×160 GB Hitachi (both SATA2)
    RAM: 2×1 GB A-data DDR2-800
    CASE&PSU: noname but i swear the PSU is good, with 120mm fan, ATX, 430W
    CD/DVD: Samsung DVD-RW, PATA
    OS: Windows XP Pro SP3
    No crossfires, no dual core CPU, or any other thing that could load very heavily the PSU.
    I always keep my PC clean, so the dust couldn’t be the reason. I removed the video drivers, then restarted in safe mode and ran Driver Cleaner and swept all the remaining files/folders. Then installed the latest Catalyst 9.3 and CCC for Win XP.
    And the final result was the same:
    When I just browse the internet, or work with MSWord, or skype (not when i play games, even 3D, like FarCry2), the screen goes black, after that the VPU recovery util window appears and says that the driver stopped working and blah-blah… 🙂 If I uncheck the VPU recovery option in CCC, the result is BSOD where ati2dvag is mentioned. And this happens several times daily, which is pretty annoying. And the strange thing is that it NEVER happens when I play games! 🙂
    Can anyone HELP ME?

  80. Sopaklos

    I’m running a Radeon HD3870 and have the same problem. Mostly happens on Warhammer Online, where either the client crashes or the whole PC crashes (the usual ati2dvag.dll infinite loop BSOD). I tried the Omega drivers and i must say the number of crashes and BSOD’s have been reduced significantly but the problem is still there. The thing is that i’m not running it on an AMD and don’t know if that’s what causing the problem.
    I thought of overheating too, but i’ve got an extra cooler on the gfx card and my case is open and i don’t have any readings out of the ordinary. I hope this matter finally gets the attention it deserves.

  81. DarrinW Post author

    @ Sopaklos

    AMD hasn’t got nothing to do with ati2dvag cos it happens to Intel too. BTW, I used to leave my PC case open too, and that helped for some time (some months). After that, the problem came back.

  82. Chris

    Attention ATI Attention MS… 2007 to 2009… I got this error just today 3/31/09… and still no offial statement from this two company…. just great..

  83. Songee

    Same problem troubles me for almost 3 months already both in XP and Vista. BSODs are completely random. Sometimes they didn’t appear fo 5+ hours, but sometimes the appear just after a few minutes of playing game. This error bothers me only while playing games. I’ve noticed, that this error doesn’t come while playing older games like Max Payne 2, Worms, NFS Underground 2, SWAT 4, Scarface.

    My configuration:
    AMD Sempron 2600+ @ 2GHZ
    256 + 512 + 1000 = 1.76GB DDR400 RAM (run @ DDR364, because FSB/DRAM ratio is set to 1:1)
    MSI HD 2600 Pro 256MB 128BIT DDR2 AGP
    MSI K7N2 Delta L Motherboard
    80GB + 120GB HDD
    300W PSU (don’t know the brand, but I’m sure it’s decent, because voltages seem to be stable while idle or under load)


    For those, who are interested – I changed my CPU from Sempron 3200+ to Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Brisbane core AND…… SH.T!!! THERE’S NO F….NG DIFFERENCE! The system acts like before – crashes often with the same VPU recovery message, or needs to be rebooted. Hey, ATI! Microsoft! Are you blind, deaf or what else??? How many posts have to be posted in order to repair this BIG problem for ATI users? When you will be interested in solving the problem? Maybe when all loyal to you users migrate to LINUX and NVIDIA?! You stupid money-grubbers!!!

  85. Jada555

    The “pci to pci” did the trick for me on my xp rig.

    It seams like the “ati2vag” only is a problem with xp, i havent had it in vista, so most likely ATI get monney from MS for every vista user having an ati component iside 😛

  86. ChuckC

    I’ve had this BSOD for over 4 years now. I wished there was a lawsuit I could be a part of.

  87. fuadi

    i think, ati cards may be a bit more vulnerable than we thought. But that is usually the last thing any company would do – admit a problem. It’ll be nice if we could have some stats to prove this, but I don’t think there will be any


    I wonder, what will happen if I fullformat c: drive and reinstall Windows XP Pro on that clear NTFS drive and the last DirectX and the last Catalyst drivers and so on? I have many programs installed and I’ll have to reinstall most of them in this case, so if anybody knows is this a cure for the problem, please tell me. Because it’ll be my last effort to solve the problem. And then I’ll change my videocard with NVIDIA based one 🙂

  89. DarrinW Post author

    @ Casondra,

    Thanks for your input. That’s the longest comment I’ve ever seen to date. 😉

  90. JerryP

    my 5-yr-old vaio VGN-S260 laptop has this problem starting about 4 mos ago. it goes to large resolution 90% of the time and 10% of the time it goes to bluescreen. The one thing guaranteed to set it off is picking up the laptop and moving it. The unit always gets hot first and the fan always goes into overdrive before it crashes. The pc-pc bridge and new ati driver didn’t work. the on-off switch works only sporadically but that may be an independent problem. i’m going to try taking it apart and cleaning the dust off next.

  91. BobA

    Wow,I had same problem with the dreaded ati2dvag infinite loop BSOD. MB is Asrock A780gmh with integrated ATI HD3200 onboard.

    I read through these posts and have literally tried everything.
    Tried installing latest drivers from mb manufacturers website (dated fall 2008)…that didn’t work. Tried PCI bridge thing…didn’t work…etc, etc..etc
    Finally, downloaded the latest southbridge driver for this board from ATI’s site (dated 5-15-2009) and installed. Problem solved!!! YAY!!!


    Well BobA, It is very nice to see that the problem in your case is solved. But in my case – it will never be solved, bacause as I wrote above, my motherboard is AsRock ALiveNF6G-VSTA, which latest drivers (NVidia all in one driver package ver. 1111) are from 25.10.2007 and they are already installed on my PC.
    I still think that ATI&M$oft are idiots 😛

  93. Anders

    I got this problem for about a year now.. and have tryed everything, tryed all u guys have wrote u should do.. but it still crash..
    Got a MSI Laptop..

    think i gonna buy a new computer.. =/

  94. Aziz

    # PC crashes without warning, sometimes the display shows weird patterns before the crash.

    I was playing L4D and the game crushed causing pc to shutdown, because of the error in early ver of the game, so i got stubborn and re lunched the game and i got the same crush, after that i started to have weird patterns every time i start the windows and sometime it’s just black screen.

    your vga is Half dead, it become so hot and when it does it show you those weird patterns.

    Some solutions:-
    1- Low resolution will keep the Vga life longer.
    2- Let your VGA rest by shuting down your pc for an 1hr or 30 min if you want.
    3- use some cooling system to keep it alive

    After the Vga get enough cooling you are good to go and play any game you want for a whole day.

    well just want other to know my case in this stupid overheat.

  95. cdajoe

    I was installing a new operating system and half way through (after formatting) I got the blue screen and the dreaded display driver message ,for the first time.Now I’m stuck with no OS and a machine that won;t run long enough to install one.Reading the thread (ok…browsing )I get the impression all the solutions require a functioning OS.Any suggestions before I throw it out the window?

  96. DarrinW Post author

    @ cdajoe

    Your problem sounds even more odd because you got a BSOD while installing? Now that is weird… Maybe someone else may have something to share.

  97. cdajoe

    it seems to appear every time after windows is installed ,when it reboots to finalize installation

  98. computerman1

    This one setting change fixed it for me. I did not need to remove the ATI drivers at all. I have a used VGN-s260 that crashed while a winDOZE spread sheet was open with one other program. When firefox’s email program was opened and an old email was clicked on, it crashed. The fan started to whine a lot just before this happened. First time it ever happened. When it crashed, it when into safe mode where I saved everything important to a flash drive and started the recovery wizard. It would not finish re-installing the OS and I kept getting the ati2dvag loopback error so I used my XP disk from another system and got my desktop back with most of the laptop’s preloaded software. I then used the fix in the following link to make the change and it was able to get me to the activation screen. I called the number as the wireless internet was not set up yet. It was verified and the rest went well. I haven’t tested it yet, but everything looks OK to me and the wireless network was detected and ready to get online.

  99. Jeffm

    I have a ASUS 4830 and it ran fine for about 3 months. Now it has the dreaded ati2dvag driver is in a loop BSOD problem. I opened an RMA with ASUS and they supposedly fixed the card. They give you no feedback as to what they actually did if anything. ASUS support blows large chunks. While it was in RMA I installed my old reliable EVGA Nvidia 7800GT and it works flawlessly.

    I uninstalled the nvidia drivers and installed the newest ATI drivers and put the “repaired” card back in and viola it still BSODs in about 2 to 3 minutes. WTF?

    This is my first and last ATI card. I don’t know what I was thinking, maybe a brain fart due to getting older?

    Anybody want to buy an ASUS 4830 PCI-E viseo card …cheap?

    I’m back on my ol 7800GT and once again it works great.

    ATI sucks….never will I be soo….stupid to buy an ATI product again. I still like the AMD processors though.

    Good luck to all of you ATI owners.

    BTW I do not work for the computer industry…so my opinion is not biased, except for the fact all large corporations treat their employees like disposable assets.

  100. marshal

    my computer wont work on safe mode so i cant use any of my applications so ive got to use a realy old laptop thats so slow. 🙁

  101. Rick

    Had this problem recently too on my Vaio VGN-S360 laptop and none of the “fixes” worked. I Tried re-installing the video drivers, tried the PCI-PCI bridge method and nothing worked. I finally re-installed the whole system with the restore disks, but that didn’t work either.

    What it was was the thermal pad had pretty much evaporated over time on both the main processor and video chip. The only solution is going to be to take apart the whole system to get to the video chip heat sink, which is only accessible on the bottom of the motherboard.

    I used articlean from artic silver to weaken and wipe away what was left of the yellow thermal pad on both the processor and video chip. Applied some artic silver ceramicque as it’s nice and thick, which is perfect for a laptop, and re-assembled the whole system. This is not for the faint of heart to tackle a disassembly project like this, but it really fixed mine. I think changing the setting to the PCI to PCI bridge just slows down the video chipset and probably makes the chip run a little cooler, which might avoid the crashing temporarily, but the problem is the stupid thermal pad.

    Since doing this the cooling fan barely runs now in comparison to running full speed all the time and the laptop physically sitting on my lap is much cooler. Plus, no blue screen of death errors since.

  102. B.A.Ardoe

    More on the Ati2dvag problem
    Reading the present blogs about this problem, I feel my find about this problem may be relevant to all having this bug.
    It’s definitely a problem from the interaction of ATI-products with the mainboard or Windows. My belief is based on the fact that the operating system find TWO PCI-devices instead of one when ONE ATI HD 4650 AGP-card is mounted in the AGP-slot. As there are no other cards present, the second PCI-card must be an artefact.
    Going to the list of hardware I find the two cards got the same adress exept for the last number:

    For the ATI-card-code is:
    PCI-slot 7(PCI-bus 1, unit 0, function 0

    For the ghost PCI-card the code is:
    PCI-slot 7(PCI-bus 1, unit 0, function 1

    Attempts to remove the ghost card was not sucessful as it was reinstaløled by Win XP with the usual persistence and ‘wisdom’ upon restart of the computer.

    After inactivating the card everything was quiet for about one week. Then the blue screen popped into existence again with the message that Ati2dvag was in a loop and Win XP had to stop the proceedings.

    If this could be of help to anybody feel free – it is obvius the the big guys are in a trech war about who is to blame so only limited help can be expected.

    But sales of ATI-AMD products will start to suffer sooner or later so I suggest That the producer get his finger out and remedy the problem even if the culprit is somebody else.
    Possible products that are culpable – alone or in any of the six possible combinations:

    1. AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4650 1 GB, AGP by XFX
    2. VIA KT400 & VIA VT8235 in ASUS A7V8X
    3. Windows XP with SP2 by Microsoft

  103. Michael

    I had the ati2dvag problem and I fixed it (I should probably mention that I had an HP zd8000). I started my computer up in safe mode. Then I did a search for anything on my C: Drive with ati in its name. I deleted everything with ati in its name. I also made sure to use the add/remove on all ati products. Then I restarted the computer and it worked. If that still doesn’t work, then I would suggest going into the registry and deleting everything that mentions ati in it. That should delete all traces of ati from your computer.

  104. Erlinda

    I used the MapQuest and panned on the screen. The panning stopped. Since then it hanged up with a blue screen. The Message(s): “The problem seems to be caused by the following file: ati2dvag.” “The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop.” “ati2dvag, Beginning dump of physical memory. Physical memory dump complete.” “Low in virtual memory”
    I tried the Recovery disk but the blue screen persisted. It can be overused of page file memory, corrupted driver file. When I reboot it stops at Windows driver Agp440.sys. I went for technical support and paid some. They could not fix it. I tried my own solution went in, said disable the Agp440.sys. When I reboot in Safe Mode I renamed the file, add xx to it and went in Control Panel/System/Hardware Device and uninstalled the Processor to AGP Controller linked with the AGP440.sys. Next time, the blue screen passed, the rebooting continued to normal but the problem is not quite solved. It shows I have to use VGA driver with normal screen, not wider in full. I guess I have to try some of your suggestions. Thanks!

  105. Jayzuz

    Toshiba Satellite Laptop, WinXP, Celeron, ATI,
    I have tried everything on this entire page, and none of these fixes have worked for me.
    I even tried installing linux with Kubuntu, and the problem is still there, so its not Microsofts problem.
    It has nothing to do with the heat because now it happens before windows has even loaded and after the system has been off all night in my cold kitchen. This laptop is going in the trash.

  106. MrHyde

    If this thread is still active, I’d like to help anyone with solving this problem the way I did. I simply turned off my computer and took out my graphic card. It was packed with dust! I cleaned it carefully and unscrewed and cleaned the cooler too (I have 1950 GT). Till then, the only game i had this problem with was Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper (interesting thing is that I had no problem with graphically more challenging games tho) and when i cleaned it and put it back in, the game went just as it should without computer freezing. It was the GPU temperature’s fault because of all the dust. And yes, install newest drivers, it can’t do no harm. Cheers everyone.

  107. delislava

    Hi, guys!
    I have MSI L715. After I updated my BIOS, I got this ati2dvag problem. I would install the graphic drivers for Mobility Radeon X700, restart my laptop and get a blue screen with this error message and some infinite loop problem. For 4-5 days I read all that was to read in forums, trying to solve the problem. I tried it all. Nothing helped. I took the laptop to a friend. He integrated all the necessary drivers for my laptop along with the graphic driver in Windows 7 and installed it on my computer. Now it works great. This is how I solved my ati2dvag problem. Good luck to you too!

  108. sarah

    It has been 2 years and this thread is still active, seems like ATI sucks big time. If I had known the issues of ATI driver, I would stay with Nvidia…..
    My both xp and win7 system has the same freezes/crashs, xp genenates a ati2dvag error message, but windows 7 just freezes. I tried to install the newest driver and even format and install a fresh windows 7, but the error still occurs in 3d games. So it comes to my conclusion that it is a hardware failure other than windows itself.

    Now, I might do what MrHyde say… It is my last option..

  109. david

    I had the same problem too. Toshiba Satelite M70. The problem probably due to ATI!!! Someone from ATI!!! Please do something!!! Its Annoying!!!!

  110. Nick Shadow

    I have had the same problem with ati2dvag errors. Infinite loop on PC with new VGA VTX3D HD3650 512MB on ASUS MBO with nvidia nforce4 chipset and AMD dual core CPU. I was trying windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, ATi drivers, Omega drivers, with auto application (CCC) installation and manual installation but still crashes and blue screen with nice message ati2dvag infinite loop. Of course I made image of OS and all driver installation was on system without ANY drivers. With generic driver of OS wasn’t any crashes but resolution was max 800×600 with 60Hz ;). Any idea?

  111. RKJ

    I have an older IBM T-40 laptop from 2003/2004 that has an occassional ati2dvag display driver failure {It says: The ati2dvag display driver has stopped working normally save work and reboot for error data} – the screen goes to low resolution and I can still work – but sometimes goes to lock from there. An additional problem with the laptop (due to lifting/carry-it by the corner) is freezing/lock-up which requires a manual shutdown. The problem is a failure on the video card solder bond that is aggravated by heat. If I keep pressure on the case of the laptop near the center mouse it works otherwise it locks. More common in hot weather or when the computer heats up. Not much of a laptop now – might be a problem that others are having depending on how much flexing has occurred of the internal board.
    Board connection failure
    Computer lock-up
    ATI Driver failure

  112. John

    For a few years, I had an ATI x700 Pro and never had any problems with it. Then Dragon Age: Origins came out, and my card could only play it on all the very minimal settings. So 3 days ago, I upgraded to an ATI Radeon HD 4850 and upgraded my PSU to a 750w.

    Before installing the new card, I uninstalled all of my old ATI drivers, reboot in Safe Mode and used Driver Sweeper from to remove all remaining traces of ATI. Then rebooted and downloaded the latest Catalyst v9.11.

    Ever since I installed the HD 4850, I’ve been crashing every time I play Dragon Age: Origins. I’m not getting the Infinite Loop error or the BSoD, what is happening is, about 10 seconds into the game, the video freezes and then goes black, but I can still hear sound for about another 5-10 seconds, then CTD with an error reading “Ati2dvag display driver has stopped working normally”.

    To test other graphic uses, I tried NWN2 and Morrowind, both on the highest settings and never had any problem. When I try to play movies in Realplayer or Windows Media Player, the movies run fine except when I try to fast forward the movie or skip to a later part in the movie, then it crashes. I never had this problem with the x700 Pro and drivers that were probably 2 years old.

  113. Baris Telseren

    I just bought an ATI HD4600 series unfortunately never happened to read one these forums until I had the same problem. It’s so frustrating that I was just about trash the card. It crashes while playing GRID after 2 laps of race. The VPU recovery works but it crashes again after a shorter time. The third crash just does a similar effect like John tells, a black screen I can hear the sounds but no graphic.

    I enabled the overclock with minimum settings, while increasing the fan speed to 100% manually.

    seems like this fixes the problem for GRID. I watched the temperature it doesn’t rise above 46 – 47C during a hard race. while the original settings cause it to overheat easily.

    I haven’t tried for a harder game though. Even if it crashes I think changing the fan would be a solution.
    hope this helps.

  114. paul

    Can’t be caused only by overheating. I get this on startup – blue screen, infinite loop. Won’t boot, except in safe mode. In safe mode after I delete ati2dvag the machine boots normally but at minimum screen resolution.

  115. Shone

    I have same prob with my ati 3870×2.After instaling driver for ati pci crashes in infinite loop.I try reinstaling windows, but no fix. when instal only driver fora ati pc working but when i install drivers for my motherboard asus p5q pro pc crash in second. I try everithing but no help!!!
    I try on other PC-s but pc boot normaly & when i try to play some games picture frezes or have som artifacts.I thin this is prob wit ati cards ant noting else.
    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  116. toshibalaptop

    The fix: Mine is a Toshiba Equium laptop with ATI Radeon 7000 IGP graphics circa 2004. Go into Control panel > System > Hardware and select your graphics adapter from the list. Look at the driver version, if it is this is for a Radeon X500/600/700 series card and is the wrong one. Go to Toshiba support site (Google Toshiba laptop support) and find drivers for your laptop. Mine were on the site as version updated 16/04/08. Downloded and installed these to the laptop – NO MORE TROUBLE WITH BLUE SCREENS AND ati2dvag faults. Google the two version numbers here and you will see what I mean.

  117. joe

    Depui 1 moi j’ai un probleme avec mon portatif toshiba satellite A60.Mon probleme c, est ATI2DVAG.Aidez moi si quelqu’ un est en mesure de me donner la formule magique pour irradier ce fatigant probleme.

    Merci Joe.

  118. berto

    Hi all!! i have the same problem with atidvga.dll, i have asus agp AH 4650 1gb ddr2… when i use asus drivers from cd i have the error atkdisp stops running, when i tried ati catalyst 10.2 i have the atidvga problem, i have win XP 32, someone haves a solution????

  119. sarah

    oh, i am the Sarah from above, can’t believe i post something on this thread again…The infinite loop and blue screen gone when I had my ATI 4680 ‘cleaned’, and it worked like a charm … once!
    Now my card is going down AGAIN, I have 2 system XP & windows 7 running on my pc with the same verison of CCC, from 9.11 to 10.2,but they both freeze/crash/loop… even when after a clean install… the old cleaning trick doesn’t work anymore.. and I’m pissed..

  120. de syauqi

    well…well…..i have the same problem to y’all……well it doesn’t go to blue screen..but it just vpu recover……it says that my driver graphic cannot send the command to my vga…before it happens yeah weird patterns appear in 3d model..only happen when i play games…i use rodeon 2600xt ddr4..oc editoin…wheather overclock or not it just the same…i haven’t know how to fix it…but i think the issue goes to heat and driver itself…hmmm….some old driver could work better than the newer…..i run with winxp sp3..coz i think sp3 would solve the problem..but no…well i’m not just pissed…considering nvidia rite now….hmm…money again…

  121. 6Iron6

    I have Lenovo T60 with same ati2dvag BSOD, which says “The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop” I bought it used, and have had it for 2 months. It only seems to happen when it boots, and only occasionally, maybe 3 or 4 times total since I’ve had it. The last time it took 3 power down/reboots to get it going. I have an extended warranty with Lenovo for 2 more years, but I can’t duplicate the problem on demand, it just happens intermittently. I guess it has to get a lot worse before I could take it in for service.

  122. mcphee

    Don’t know if this helps but had the same problem, computer crashed on startup, rebooted and then blue screen of death with the ati dvag message. Struggled for days, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers etc. Eventually took the graphics card out and the onboard fan was so full of dust it had stopped working causing overheating. (my own stupid fault for not cleaning it before). Anyway reinstalled and all is well. This may not be the answer for alot of people but it’s certainly worth checking.

  123. DarrinW Post author

    @ Mcphee

    Right, often the problem is overheating. So make sure your cooling is more than adequate.

  124. ConorM


    on the computer im using which is an emachines i have a radeon xpress 200 series card and when i run a graphics intensive game (eve) i get the blue screen and it freezes. ive looked on the site
    but i cant find my driver on there to know what content to install and i was wondering if i could get some help on it please.

  125. ConorM

    o yea i have a 32 processor and i use MS Xp. and the computer is a number of years old. is it just my graphics card sucking or is there a more… inexpensive solution

  126. Nigeepoo

    I’ve had my HP ze4120s lap-top since May 2003. Today, after installing a number of minor Windows XP updates + Flash Player 10.1 update, I’m now regularly getting the ati2dvag problem (display changes to 640×480 16colours I think, requiring a reboot which returns the display to normal) when watching TV on ITV Player. I’m using Firefox 3.6.3.

    BBC iPlayer seems to work fine as does Channel 4 – 4oD and Demand 5 (all of which use Flash Player 10).

    I suppose I should be grateful that I’ve had 7 years of use before this fault occurred.

  127. Chris

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I had the ati2dvag infinite loop problem, and tried the fix recommended by the OP to no avail.

    I saw on another forum that the problem could be a result of overheating, so I took my machine apart. I pulled the video card out and cleaned off the onboard fan. I also slid my wireless card down a few slots to allow better airflow to my video card. I wouldn’t say the problem is solved, but I’ve been running for about 5 hours without a crash, after 3 days of crashing every 5 to 10 minutes.

  128. David

    Every time i play a video, after 5-6 videos everything stops and i get a message for the ati2dvag and the pc goes to safe mode!!! I dont know what to do!!!

  129. Magikherbs

    Hi all… is it just me or is everyone running xp with an Ati DX10+ video card ? Xp is DX 9C .. .make sense ?

  130. Magikherbs

    Also try re installing your south bridge/chipset drivers.
    Good luck

  131. Hunter

    I have the same problem, but with a Sapphire radeon HD4650, which is agp. I don’t have the PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge in Device manager. After reinstall it still crashes with the same ati2dvag error. Any help?

  132. DarrinW Post author

    Hi Hunter,

    Try some of the many tips mentioned by other users in the comments above. Some techniques may work to at least temporarily fix the problem.

  133. JC

    i have d same problem with my new netbook, msi u230 light with ati radeon hd 3200 graphics. i would appreciate somebody helping me out fix this error. just email @ thanks!

  134. PhilipK

    I also have the dreaded ati2dvag BSOD problem with my Sony VAIO VGN-S2XP. Sometimes it has been crashing every few minutes. Often Windows XP (SP3) has not even finished loading, so I don’t think it can only be an overheating problem.

    In dealing with the problem I can offer a slight variation on the many helpful comments from others above:
    I loaded the Omega drivers, having first uninstalled the ATI Control Panel. I did not uninstall the drivers, as the instructions say that these are overwritten by the update.
    Result: no difference – crashed repeatedly with BSODs soon after starting Windows!!
    Then I changed the refresh rate in the ATI Monitor Properties from 60 to 75 Hertz – I was not able to do this before the update. So far – fingers crossed – the crashing has stopped.
    Have I had the “60 Hertz bug” that others have reported?

  135. ITV Player Abroad

    Try to troubleshoot. Or go to the manufacturer for repair. 🙂
    Adding high Cards on low motherboard will lead to crashes.
    For me The most durable and will last long laptop is the ASUS.

  136. Zola

    Since I am seeing new posts on this still, I am going to post what turned out to be the solution for me in hopes it will save someone else some time.

    I purchased a barebones kit MSI 785GTM-E45 Motherboard – AMD 785G, Socket AM2+, M-ATX, DDR2, Dual Channel, PCIe, HDMI that had an ATI Radeon HD 4200 built-in video card.

    I was using my dead computer’s HD running XP Pro, so I booted up the first time in safe mode so that all unused drivers would be properly removed.

    I put the DVD in the tray and let the window install the driver, and had the crashing problem mentioned–it seemed I couldn’t go a half an hour without it crashing.

    Originally I thought that leftover files from the former configuration were the problem, so I went back into safe mode, used the ATI tool to make sure EVERYTHING was uninstalled and reinstalled, again using the automatic Windows install, with no joy.

    I checked for updated drivers, reinstalled stuff like Flash and my browsers and… we’ll just skip over hair-pulling, teeth gnashing and headbanging, which is likely familiar to anyone reading this.

    What finally ended up fixing it is that I again used the ATI tool to uninstall all ATI software. (It’s on the disk of software for my motherboard, it’s called AtiCimUn.exe)

    I restarted, and of course Windows offered to install the driver. I canceled that and started up the driver CD and chose the VGA install.

    I had chosen custom, and immediately discovered that not only did the DVD intend to install Catalyst, but also an AMD SMBus driver (there were a couple of other updates, but I believe this one is the pertinent one)

    Once I installed it, no more crashes at ALL, it’s been nice as you please.

    So if you are running into this problem, it might well be worth trying to use the full package install, whether it be a package from the web site or the included CD/DVD, rather than letting Windows install the driver.

    I really hope this helps someone!

  137. A DEsai


  138. Got The Cure Quarantted

    Had the same Problem… Man am I good…cured…
    contact me and send the checks

    Hint: it all has to do with with the settings and the installation sets them up the wrong way

  139. Roel

    I’m having the same problem as well. Unbelievable how many other people have these problems, and for how many years. Next time I’ll consider not to buy AMD/ATI stuff. Damn.

  140. Conor

    Hi. I am running Windows XP Professional SP3 and I have been in wavepad sound editer (Free) and it is a Beta. Whenever i zoom into the sound waves, it will crash. Can you help me? My system is Dell Inspiron 530 with 4GB of RAM and it came with Windows Vista (SP1) and i now multi boot it with Windows XP Professional SP3. Please help me!

  141. DarrinW Post author

    Hi Conor,

    That sounds like a system incompatibility with Wavepad. Ati2dvag is a graphic-Windows glitch.

  142. Conor

    I used this before on the masters edition. It never crashed!

  143. Yee

    i send my computer to the repair shop and just got it 2 days ago but today my computer got problem with ati2dvag so please help me with this problem

  144. RaminDiksin

    Mine has done this problem for about a year now. The ones that manage to get it fixed are lucky and have apparently made a change in a driver or something to effect the memory codes from freaking out into a BSOD. Some others could have a chip issue with some sort of voltage or signal sending problem. Gawd, there are so many things it could be.
    There is one fix that I know of that will cure every problem that a computer has ever caused…Recycle It and avoid ever getting another one again. After which we will all move back into our caves again and go poopy in the forest. 8oÞ

  145. Amitai Angor

    I’ve solved the Problem of ATI2DVAG- And want to share for those who are confused, and the rest of the world:

    1. Istall OS of your like (XP,7 ETC)
    2. Install Motherboard drivers except -.NET framework under ver.4
    3. Download .NET Framework 4 or higher from Offical Microsoft Site (,and install + Reset your PC.)
    4. Install latest Graphics driver.
    5. Download latest updates for The OS.
    6. Enjoy!

    Long thing short,
    I had to change my Motherboard on my exicting PC.
    So i’ve baught a new one and just installed it on my
    old configuration. THEN, the ATI2DVAG problem just started
    with my new EP45 Gigabyte motherboard and old Radeon 3850 graphic card (and Q9300 CPU).
    I’ve installed .NET framework 4 and that’s what solved the case.

  146. Amitai Angor

    After several hours of inspection, i’ve realized that
    sofware is not the problem here.

    A Memory test took place , and everything was great.

    Still the problem have changed to sudden resets.

    Only after i’ve changed the Inernal DDR3 memory stick,

    Everyting went well and the computer is now at peace!

  147. perkoset

    My solution to the ATI2DVAG problem

    HD3850 GPU
    160GB HD
    Intel e6550 CPU

    I have used “Total Uninstall” software to get rid of the drivers

    rebooted the machine

    then i installed the “omega drivers” for my GPU and the problem solved

  148. Steve

    My solution to the ati2dvag infinite loop problem for the Foxconn Cinema II deluxe motherboard was not to cause it in the first place. I foolishly updated the drives to the latest version (10.12). Backing off to the one provided with the motherboard appears to have fixed it!

    Foxconn Cinema II Deluxe
    AMD 785G
    HD 4200 integrated graphics

    None of the many solutions I found on the internet worked. Usefully, I found that the Passmark Perfomance benchmark tool reproduced the problem relatively frequently in the 2D test of fonts and text

  149. Gabi

    It seems crazy as to how this is happening to so many people.

    Easy solution = don’t use ATI !

    We have just bought many HP machines, all having the same issue, HP not being helpful as we are not using their “standard image” but we are using all the same drivers.

    Defo a SW problem, not regarding overheating and anything else of that nature which has been mentioned here.

    Nevertheless, what a pain!!!!


  150. Nathan

    I know this is going to sound really crazy and irrelevant, but I did this, and it has worked for me. STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER WEB BROWSER! I stopped using internet explorer completely, and switched to Mozilla Firefox (either 3 or 4 beta, haven’t tested other versions) and I stopped having this problem, and only do when I use internet explorer. It’s crazy, but it’s true (and it’s all because of you, and you might enjoy a little madness for a while (Billy Joel, you may be right)) anyway, back on topic, this solved it for me, I don’t know about you.

  151. mike

    I have the same problem with an x1950pro
    Video in problems when enabling network adapter and everything ok when disabling
    Many crashes with ati2dvag unable to be solved even after formating system
    same problem with linux
    I believe its just a voltage stability problem(bad regulators) in combination with hardware resourses-addresses cause when removing all usb devices(5Volt) reinstalling usb(microsoft wireless mouse-kbd)in another usb controller system was ok for ever(till another “heavy” usb device inserted).

  152. Enke

    I had the EXACT same problems as posted in this thread and I fixed it by cleaning the ENTIRE card, apparently there was some thermal paste that was hard and was covering a chip on the gpu, I cleaned and it started working again.

  153. mirojica

    My solution to the ATI2DVAG problem.

    just install omega drivers! 🙂

    good luck!!!

  154. Calle

    Aawergh. Just had my first run on this damn issue. Have run ATI CCC 10.x for a year without no BSOD; then today upgraded to 11.x and had a bluescreen within two hours. Aawergh. Time for a revert, or something.

  155. Gibbo

    WOW!!! I am still struggling to comprehend the number of people who seem to experiencing the same problem as me. What’s even more surprising is that I can find no official fix from ATI/AMD. Thus far, the issue seems to be limited to WoW… After about 5min of game time the screen goes blank and then returns (there are times that it doesn’t and I have to reboot my machine). I have tried *EVERYTHING* I could think of and almost all that I have found on forums and nothing has helped! Am going to try and install the Omega drivers *fingers crossed* today. If it doesn’t work, I would suggest that you all do what I plan on doing… Buying a litre of petrol… setting that PoS on fire… buying NVIDIA!!! Vote with your wallets people.

    Will post tomorrow if they help.

  156. Leichensack

    I think i kinda fixed this evil bug, or at least made it less active:
    1. Uninstall everything ATIish.
    2. Install omega drivers.
    3. Good luck 🙂

    My mashine crashed when playing flash games in between 3-30 minutes, after installing omega drivers I played about 2 hours.

  157. Seattle D

    Believe it or not, I resolved this issue by using some compressed air on my ATI 2400 HD Pro video card. It had an inordinate amount of dust on it, which apparently was preventing the cooling fan from working.

  158. rahul

    just one thing
    upgrade ur system to windows 7 32bit ultimate
    nd then all ur driver nd gaming problem will vanish

  159. Leichensack

    Omega drivers work!
    It’s been a week now since I installed them, and I didn’t encounter any bluescreen yet. 🙂

    Good luck all you guys out there

  160. cveba

    Basicly been having this problem on and of past 2 years and after i tryed pretty much everything and testing my sis’ nvidia(lower ql) graphycs card to see if problem was overheating etc etc still absolutelly no solution thus far…sadly think i will take one of above tipps(buy liter of petrol) and make this damn ati card rly ”burn” as supposed to:PP. In short dust is not issue(maybe in some cases but that can happen on any card not just ATI) and sad part is no1 officially even after so long says nuttin…

  161. Jerry Blaine

    My wife’s Vaio has been a great desktop. It started heating up and then went into the atidvag loop and reboot or blue screen cycle. When I took the system apart the heat sink tower was completely clogged with dirt. I cleaned it out. Started in safe mode. Removed ATI entirely via ctrl panel-ad/remove programs. I needed my Vaio systems disk in the middle of this process.

    Then, My Cmptr, Choose properties, Choose hardware tab, Choose device manager button, Click + next to System devices, Right click on CPU to AGP controller. Choose the update driver button, Select “Don’t Search” Choose next button, Select PCI standars PCI to PCI bridge, Hit Next button, Hit Finish button and reboot…
    I reinstalled ATI drivers from the original systems disk and bingo, it was done!

  162. Cesar M

    Hello, If you are showing a High Defenition Audio under Device Manager-System devices make sure that it is disabled. This is the cause for 100% CPU usage and with the ati2dvga BSOD problem. With my computer showing the same symptons mentioned also once I disabled it, all the issues disappeared. ATI should have known better. Good luck!

  163. Guesto

    I have this ati2dvag problem too with 2 different computers. I solved the problem by uninstalling all ati drivers and then downloading older catalyst install packs and tried em all. I can tell that version 10.10 is stable. Any newer version is ati2dvag bsod.

  164. Luc De Roover

    Adobe came unwanted with commercials about their flash player,for days i resisted and didn’t download .Yesterday i downloaded it ,just to have peace and avoid this nuissance every day. First all looked ok,until i opened u Tube.My screen went black ,pc crashed. i restarted…same thing.So i uninstalled Adobe flashplayer.I wanted an older version of the player but could not download it ,every time they forced me to download the latest version.Finally i downloaded it again and as result :The blue screen with the “ati 2dvag” note.So what now?

  165. Random Guest

    I’ve started getting this BSOD while watching youtube.
    Another great problem to have on top of the constant “VPU Recover” errors while gaming.
    Looks like it’s back to nVidia for me.

  166. John

    Yesterday i brought new AMD Radeon HD 6770, and guess what? I have similar issues now…my PC crushing while playing games(actually i cant play them anymore).Its not overheating(GFX card work at 45 C and less)…its something like in software or in device conflict….AMD SUCKS….tomorrow changing card…AMD bye!

  167. Erik

    Hi all,

    I’ve had the exact same problem:
    Grafical artefacts, crashes, blue screens… all this with my ATI 4850 HD Radeon on my XP 32 bit machine.

    But, I believe I’ve found the solution, since up until now (several hours) I’m not having any problems any more.

    What I’ve done:

    -Uninstallinga al the drivers in safe mode by making use of the “driver sweep” application.
    – Uninstalling the remainder in the normal mode by making use
    of the installpackage of the newest driver (CC 12).
    – Installing a new version of the driver and catalyst… however, not THE newest, I used a version 9.12 instead of version 12.xx

    Et voila!

  168. Nilo

    Más notícias…
    Tive um PC, 478 Intel 2,4 , com placa mãe ( PChips – EcaChips ) e uma VGA-AGP XFX GForce 6200, que rodava: Ghost Recon 2,Need etc.
    Nos dias de hoje não é possível fazer isso ! Qual o motivo ?
    Ganancia da indústria ?
    Erro proposital ?
    Pura incompetência ?
    Dizem que ATI é uma Caixa de Pandora ( nunca se sabe o que vai sair lá de dentro ou o que tem lá dentro ).

  169. Irwin Mainway

    SOLVED ages ago.

    HD AUDIO in new drivers series for the HDxxxx series video cards conflicts with existing audio drivers.

    Since I do not have a reason for HD AUDIO OUTPUT from the video card, so I JUST DISABLED the ‘unknown audio device’ in Device Manager.

    If already posted, sorry for not reading all 4 years of posts.

    ATI Catalyst version 10.2 seems to be the universal driver to use. According to download page is suitable for cards from Radeon 9500 to HD4870, with the HD4870 of course able to use newer drivers.
    I am using v.10.2 on a X1950 XT PCI-E.

  170. Little Bit

    I guess that this is why I just found a 2400 pro in the garbage!

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