Proliferation of work at home scams

By | June 21, 2009

In these times of financial turmoil, scams are sprouting up like mushrooms overnight on the Web. Tough economic conditions have also resulted in boom time for web development companies, web hosting companies, SEO companies, and freelancers, as increasing numbers of people and small businesses try to set up an online presence and market their products online. But along with the legit stuff, there’s unfortunately a lot of dross that has emerged too.

There’s every scam under the sun. There are Nigerian scams, ponzi scams, sweepstakes scams, HYIP scams, credit card scams, and many more. Today I just want to touch on work at home scams because these seem to have run rampant over the past several months. Let the truth be repeated again, making money online just isn’t as easy as what many of these make money sites or blogs are trying to make you think. It’s just clear all this baloney is simply preying on the increasing number of desperate or greedy people out there.

One of their tactics now is to game search engine listings by releasing press releases which naturally rank high and are seen by many of the news site’s readers. Maybe you’ve come across these press releases before. Just because it is a news site, it doesn’t mean it should be trusted. Unfortunately, these news sites have become accomplices to these scam artists by releasing their “press releases” on “how to make big money online.” These “press releases” then link back to scam sites, which are often slick websites with fake “proof” of earnings and testimonials.

scamsThese websites will usually have this veneer of “how I make $XXXX working only a few hours a day.” And it will definitely be priced within the means of most people – Scammers know they have to price their goods low. The problem is most hustlers know their methods will not make people much money (if any at all), but they make it sound so easy, so achievable; when basically they are just selling people air!

  • One key tip: You should always read the fine print. There are sites that might make untruthful claims of being affiliated with some big company like Google but are not, and sell some useless program for a few dollars. They might charge you an initial small fee at the start, but have it in their fine print to charge your credit card a much bigger sum later on. The only time most people realize they’ve been scammed is when their credit card gets billed a big sum the following month.

OK, don’t get me wrong. I’m just pointing out the scams and the obvious. Does anyone realize the MASSIVE amount of time, effort, and money required to achieve anything remotely resembling a decent result when it comes to making money online – the legit way? How many are actually able to pull that off? Scammer types know all about that, but they also know it is easier to sell spades and shovels rather than any actual gold. While there is more than one way to make money online, NONE of them are easy, nor is any profit guaranteed at all, so just bear that in mind before you part with any of your hard earned cash. If it was only as easy as paying $5 or $10, or $97 for some “secrets” and then sitting back and watching the cash roll in, everyone would be rich by now!

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