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By | October 4, 2008

We all want stuff for free. I do, you do. And it seems more and more companies seem to be grasping this concept too. That consumers like freebies. This free giveaway business model seems to be slowly replacing traditional business concepts, and flourishing on the Web. From unlimited email, to unlimited bandwidth, to free hosting, to free music/video downloads, free games, free software, and free ebooks, and Web 2.0 memberships, you name it.

One of the ways companies market is through the pay per lead model. Pay per lead is an online advertising model in which companies source for new potential customers through a non cash transaction event. The lead might just be an email address at the bare minimum, or perhaps involving submission of a little more demographic based information.

You could think of online surveys as another form of pay per lead advertising as well. I’ve known of a few people who made money online via taking part in numerous online surveys, but I wonder how many out there realize why companies go through all that trouble of PAYING people to take part in their FREE surveys!

Recently, I got to know of RevResponse, a division of NetLine Corp, which is a pay per lead company focused on providing free content and downloads from a large group of participating companies, including many major ones. My impression of them so far is quite positive, as they seem reputable and professional. Initially, I was a little skeptical about joining them, but got won over by their professional communication, and quality publications.

RevResponse offers free downloadable magazines and white papers in a large variety of sectors ranging from IT and Tech, to Health, Agriculture, and Food. If you’re a blogger specializing in a specific niche, I believe they might just have something that would be a good fit for your blog, seeing that they cover so many sectors.

RevResponse pays either by check or PayPal with a minimum of $1.50 per lead, according to a Net 45 schedule, meaning 45 days AFTER you’ve passed their minimum limit of $50. That might be a tad too long for some, but I think it is quite alright.

Get Paid to Offer Free Resources

You can check out my co branded site here, and you’ll see a large array of free downloadable magazines or subscriptions which you could find useful. Learn more about RevResponse and its parent company TradePub in this FAQ. As for the companies using RevResponse, it includes the likes of Dell, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, VeriSign and many more, which is definitely a good indicator of their credibility.

Interested to know more? Feel free to drop me any questions about RevResponse today!

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