Carnage on the Web

By | October 25, 2007

October 24 2007 – A day of Web infamy. Right now even as I speak, there is carnage, and more carnage everywhere, on the Web. Making good on its warning, Google has begun round two of its campaign to demote sites which it has deemed to be not in compliance with its policies.

The first round was against directories. Now, many blogs have taken a big hit on their Page Rank, including many high profile blogs. In the meantime, this Page Rank devaluation is the talk of the town. What is curious, is there has been virtually no promotion of Page Rank reported, only mass devaluation everywhere. Some blogs remained unaffected, but the majority have been given Page Rank penalties. Many sites that did not engage in buying/selling links have also been hit, so it’s really anybody’s guess what is going on.


By Dave Walker

I won’t be going on too much on this. After all, many blogs have already been talking about this at length. Will there still be any Page Rank update like before, after all this? That depends on whether Google has any plans to carry on upholding Page Rank in its current form.

Page Rank was originally meant to denote a site that Google favors as a “quality site,” but that original aim had long been forgotten by almost everyone. Now for what it’s worth, Google may just be trying to resurrect the original aims of its much abused Page Rank system. Time will tell, what will come out of this.

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