Page Rank downgrades and upgrades

By | October 27, 2007

Google is really the king of suspense. With all the buzz about Page Rank drops for major sites, it had to happen – a real Page Rank update. Sometime around a few hours ago, Google did something I never expected, raise my Page Rank to 3 in the space of a few hours. Yep, checked it out. I think even the most hardline anti Page Rank folks will at least be popping their URLs into a Page Rank checker out of curiosity.

So, it seems “Page Rank going away” was just some ribbing on Google’s part, and everyone can “return to normal business” again 😉  What was going on with Google the past week – is something everyone will never know.

Maybe Google decided to more or less maintain the status quo on the Web, after all. Out of curiosity, I’m still seeing what seems to be drops in Page Rank for quite a number of high profile sites and blogs. Others had their Page Rank reinstated. So is this really a permanent demotion or a delayed promotion?

Moral of the story? No matter what Google does, it is what you do for your visitors that counts. Everything else will sort itself out in due time.

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