Looks like it’s over for AuctionAds

By | December 12, 2007

WidgetBucks has finally come round to realizing that non US/Canada traffic is after all, still lucrative enough not to be ignored. So, they’re now paying for that traffic with CPM ads. After being lambasted last month for seemingly not paying out to non US publishers, this appears to be their latest work around.

It (finally) seems to be a compromise of sorts for the majority of WidgetBucks publishers who seem to be mostly NOT from the US/Canada, and whose traffic is also non US based. But the question now is, “Is it worthwhile to run WidgetBucks anymore?”

I think the hype has somewhat fizzled out for WidgetBucks, but then again, it could have been worse. Take the case of AuctionAds.

AuctionAds started off very promising indeed. But it has fallen by the wayside now, and the broken state of the site confirms my suspicion that the whole venture has gone the way of the dodo.

Now, not a single page on the AuctionAds site works. It’s not even listed on the MediaWhiz website (the owner of AuctionAds and a host of other ad networks).

The latest news indicated that AuctionAds was blaming Commission Junction for its’ troubles, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Commission Junction is working perfectly fine for all eBay affiliates (Commission Junction manages eBay’s affiliate program).

I think AuctionAds was undone by some technological flaw in its delivery system which could not be resolved, and MediaWhiz has since lost interest in it; but that just goes to show that not every online start-up will succeed, no matter how promising, or popular it is.

Update: [The site is up again, but I log in to see a blank white page. No stats, nothing. I don’t know if anyone is still using AuctionAds, but I’m 95 % sure it’s not for me anymore.]

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