5 cool features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

By | January 11, 2014

While the new Samsung Galaxy S4 never fails to impress us with its smooth design, overwhelming power, and radical options, there are some features that remain mostly hidden, or at least less known to most users. In this post, I will show you 5 built-in features which should improve your Galaxy S4 experience.

1.”Do not disturb” blocking mode 

Remember that one time when you were in the middle of a meeting with important business clients and your phone just started blasting your ring tone? Or that wrong call you received in the middle of the night? Well with this cool blocking feature you can prevent that from happening ever again. Now you can set your phone to block notifications such as incoming calls, text messages for a certain period of time. Just in case, you can make a list of contacts that will be able to reach you in case of an emergency. To set this up just by tapping Settings -> My Device ->Blocking mode.

Samsung S4 blocking mode

2. Pop-up keyboard 

Multitasking on smartphones is usually frowned upon, but your Galaxy S4 can make things a lot easier with its pop-up keyboard. You can activate this by creating new message, tapping the setting icon of the QWERTY keyboard, and then selecting the pop-up keyboard icon with a plus on it. Now you have a pop-up keyboard that you can move around and use in combination with multi window applications.

Samsung S4 pop up keyboard

3. Remote control your TV  

When you can’t find your TV remote control, you can use your Galaxy S4 to control your TV as well as other media devices. This is possible by using the WatchON application that allows you to use your phone as a real-time TV remote for a TV synced to your device.  To access WatchON, just go to Application screen and open WatchON.

Samsung S4 TV remote control

4. Wi-Fi Timer 

Nobody likes to be charged extra for using all of their allowed data bandwidth. With Wi-Fi timer you can create a schedule with starting and ending time of usage, and the phone will try to connect to any available Wi-Fi network for a certain period of time, thus saving you money. To access this feature just tap Settings -> Connections -> Advanced, and finally Wi-Fi timer.

Samsung S4 WiFi timer control

5. Adapt Sound 

In order to tailor Galaxy S4 to their diverse users; Samsung incorporated the Adapt Sound feature. This feature allows you to calibrate the volume for each ear, so you can listen to your favorite music more comfortably without the danger of hurting your ears with loud volume.  Once you connect your earphones or headphones, tap Settings, then My Device, and finally Sound where you will find Adapt Sound. When you activate this feature, you will complete a sound volume test, which will then give you a graph of left and right ear hearing ability. This data is then used by the phone to optimize audio reproduction according to your needs.

Samsung Adapt Sound feature

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