5 HTC One features every owner should know

By | December 21, 2013

Although many owners of HTC One might think they know their devices down to every option and push of a button, there are some features supported by this device that are not commonly known. Today, we will show you 5 not so well known features that should make your HTC One a more efficient device.

1. Manage your HTC One’s battery life

If you are planning a day trip that will take you somewhere remote with no access to power outlets or if you just forgot your charger, you will probably want to make that battery last for as long as it can. There are a couple of built in features that can help you prolong battery life. First thing you can do is to go to Settings, tap Power, and then access and enable Power Saver option. This option will reduce your power usage to a minimum, thus enhancing the battery life. Second way to prolong your battery life is to enter Sleep Mode, which is also a part of Power Saver. Other than these built in features, you can download specific apps that should improve your power efficiency.

HTC One battery life

2. Limit your data usage

Overreaching your monthly plan can be frustrating, and quite expensive. You can put that worry behind you since your HTC One has a feature that can limit your data usage and save you the trouble.  To access this feature just go to Settings -> More -> Usage, and then Turn on Limit mobile data usage. Once you get there, you can set an a warning that will let you know that you are almost at your threshold, or you can set the limit which will cut off any data usage once reached.

HTC One limit data usage

3. Turn off BlinkFeed

While some users enjoy the BlinkFeed feature on their HTC One, there are some who find it annoying. Although there is no OFF switch that you can just use to disable BlinkFeed, there is a way to hide it. If you’ve owned a HTC One for a while, you will know that when you press your Home button, it will take you to BlinkFeed. Well here’s how you unbind that Home button from BlinkFeed.

First tab and hold on an empty area of your Home Screen, then tap and hold on that area. This will bring you up to a menu where you can add new panels and widgets. If you look in the upper left corner of your screen, you will see three panels. Your BlinkFeed panel will have a Home Button icon on it. Now, tap and hold any other panel that you want to bind to the Home button, and drag it to a Home Button option that will appear on the top of your screen. Now your Home Button will take you to that panel instead of BlinkFeed. Simple as that.

HTC One turn off BlinkFeed

4. HTC One Remote Control Feature

Since HTC One comes with an IR port that is hidden in the power button, you can use your phone to remotely control a wide range of devices in your home or workspace. To access this feature, just tap on Apps, and then TV. When you get there, just follow the directions, which will help you add your devices that you will control with your HTC One.

HTC One remote control feature

5. Customizing the HTC One Notification LED Function

If that tiny LED light that flashes all the time annoys you, you can customize its function. To do this simply access Settings, then tap on Display, followed by Gestures & Buttons, and finally tap on Notification Flash to change the type of notifications the LED will flash for.

HTC One customize flash

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