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A rant about EzineArticles

EzineArticles have been for long one of the most recommended article sites on the Web to do article marketing and promotion. I also use EzineArticles for the very same reasons; writing a good article for EzineArticles can definitely help to bring some new visitors to your site or business. But lately, I get the feeling… Read More »

The splog menace

Problogger Darren Rowse had an interesting post talking about what many bloggers experience. He posed the question of, “Is writing great, unique content enough to build a successful blog?” I think this is a prevalent problem affecting many good blogs out there, in that they hardly get recognized for what they are worth, and break… Read More »

Knol finally launched and it looks like a Wikipedia-Squidoo hybrid

Knol, Google’s answer to Wikipedia, finally got launched just a short while ago, looking somewhat more different compared to screenshots posted last year, when news first broke about it. In fact, Knoll has launched without much hype and fanfare, but my main interest is how it will turn out and evolve 6-12 months from now.… Read More »