A rant about EzineArticles

By | March 3, 2009

EzineArticles have been for long one of the most recommended article sites on the Web to do article marketing and promotion. I also use EzineArticles for the very same reasons; writing a good article for EzineArticles can definitely help to bring some new visitors to your site or business. But lately, I get the feeling that EzineArticles is going downhill.

Previously, the longest I have ever waited was 7 days. And when I write to them and ask why, I would always get a prompt reply back in a day or two. But then, I’m talking about the situation 2 years ago. Nowadays, they don’t reply (at least most of the time). Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to wait 10 (or more) days before your article is approved!

In article marketing, EzineArticles is no doubt one of the top destinations, and probably the first port of call of any writer or submitter. If you’re submitting an article to a number of article directories, I’m willing to bet EzineArticles is one of them, each and every time.

In fact, some people recommend that you submit your article first to EzineArticles, and then only to the others. Ok, this only applies if you intend to submit the SAME article to several of the top article directories. The reason being that, it seems Google likes EzineArticles because of its established age, and relatively strict quality control all along.

EzineArticles just does not simply approve articles, or at least that is what they state on their site.

writing-onlineSo if your article doesn’t follow their guidelines, they’ll usually send you a reminder to correct it. But my article was just held up the editorial queue for days, and writing to them asking why just drew a non response. Nope, not a single reply.

I’m not one of those mass submitters who go by “more is better” and dump a ton of articles that are written by some outsourced writer on EzineArticles. Recently, I decided to submit a couple of articles I myself wrote, to them. Now, I haven’t submitted articles to them in quite a while, and 10 days of waiting is the longest I’ve waited; it looks like the norm now. Previously, 5 days would be about normal. Also, it’s probably the norm for EzineArticles not to respond to emails these days, apparently. So I wonder, is EzineArticles on the decline? Could it be related to the ever increasing load of articles being submitted to them?

I shudder to think.

I’d like to add that, if your article keeps getting rejected for “breaching the editorial guidelines,” it’s best to just comply. It’s tough luck if the editor you’ve been assigned to is some gung ho editor. That’s because EzineArticles employs many editors; the result is many articles that would not have made the cut, do so, while others that would, don’t.

It is a shame really, because Chris Knight’s EzineArticles was one of the best, and most trusted article directories out there, all this while. Can’t also really blame them when you consider the amount of articles they get each day.

I still hope it EzineArticles will continue to one of the best article directories out there. OK, rant over.

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