Have you tried Portable Apps?

By | September 30, 2007

If you always wanted a cool suite of programs that is totally free, safe and convenient to use, try Portable Apps. I just tested Portable Apps, and think it’s cool. The best part is it can be carried all over the place, and used anytime, and anywhere, with any computer that has a USB port. As a a fan of portable drives, Portable Apps will just add a whole lot more functionality to my USB flash drives, other than test running PHP based scripts for web development.

Portable applications are basically, software that doesn’t write anything to the registry, doesn’t require any installation, and leaves behind just a small footprint on the computer it is running on. This makes them ideal for anyone who needs to work on the run.


A portable application just needs to be unzipped or decompressed and it is ready to go. So no more uninstallation worries. The only drawback is that some of the programs are a “slimed down” version of the original. So you may not get the full functionality in some cases.


That is just a small list of the total number of free Open Source software in Portable Apps. There’s no need to go hunting all over the Web when you can now download them all in one bundle (which keeps growing). It’s now time to put that USB flash drive to better use!

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