Viewing Google results for different countries and regions

By | April 12, 2011

As all Google users know, Google displays our search results according to our location. If we want to view the search results from other countries or regions, we can only do several things.

For example, if you are in the US and want to view Google search results in the UK, you could go to and do a search from there.

This doesn’t quite work for people outside of the US, who go to, because the results will be clearly different then the results from going through a US based proxy. You can definitely use proxies, but they are not really quick (or secure).

What other ways to override Google’s behavior based on geolocation?

One way is to add a string to the end of the query. This string is &gl=US. If you want to view results for UK, you add the string &gl=UK. This works using the specific country code for the country you wish to view. Only add this string after you do a search using Google from your country. If you want to view results from Google India for “blue widgets” and you are in the US, do a search for “blue widgets” and then add &gl=IN to the end of the URL in your browser. Note this only works for certain countries (English speaking majority countries).

But there is another way to view Google search results for different countries if you are using Chrome or Firefox. There is this plugin called Google Global which can enable you to view the search results for another country.

Google results for other regions

You can customize this plugin to display results from any country, IP of your choice, or even local search. Simply fill in the required blanks in the Options field and you’re set. Here, in the example, I’ve set it to display results from Google Brazil.

Customizing Google Global

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