Why Windows is better than Linux in web design

By | April 23, 2011

For anyone working in web design, the operating system they choose for their working computer can be an important and strategic choice. Of course, every computer uses an operating system, with some of the most popular operating systems today being Windows, Mac OS and Linux. While the advantages and disadvantages of Windows and Mac in terms of web design are hotly debated, the advantages that Windows has over Linux are rarely challenged.

First, let’s be clear about what is meant by an operating system. In simple terms, an operating system is the first piece of software opened when a computer is turned on. It is the software that manages all of the functions available on the computer and shares these functions with whichever other applications, such as those used for web design, the user wishes to install and operate on the computer.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Windows is a more suitable operating system for web design than Linux:

Linux has a limited following: Like any operating system Linux enables computer users to operate and access all of the devices and applications on the computer to achieve the desired results in any computer-based activity, from word processing to web design. However, although Linux is similar in most ways to the other operating systems, it has only developed a dedicated following among select groups of people, such as those who are willing to experiment with the generally accepted rules of operating systems, and those who do not wish to support Microsoft.

Windows is a standard OS worldwide: In general, Linux is considered more difficult to manage than windows, but offers a greater number of configuration options and more flexibility which has some advantages in web design. However, Windows operating systems are still a far better choice for ensuring compatibility in web design because Windows is used and understood much more widely. Like Linux, Windows is a computer operating system, but one operated by Microsoft, which has unofficially been accepted as the standard operating system for individuals and businesses all over the world due to its user-friendly nature which is a great advantage in the often complex business of web design.

Linux is difficult to configure: While there are various arguments for the benefits of Linux and Windows, Windows is far easier to configure. Linux is generally considered to be an operating system for IT experts because a familiarity with configuration files and servers is required to configure Linux properly. This may be unnecessary knowledge for someone who is only interested in an operating system that will support basic web design techniques.

Windows supports more hardware and software: A further difficulty that Linux presents is that there is no single, simple way in which to install additional software to a Linux operating system. In contrast, Windows offers a quick and easy installer function which makes it more suitable for computers used in web design that will most likely need to run a lot of programs and undergo regular updates. A further disadvantage that Linux has for web design is that it does not support as wide a variety of hardware options (such as WiFi cards, printers and scanners) as does Windows.

If you are interested in choosing a computer operating system that will provide you with the fastest, easiest method of installing, accessing and running a variety of popular web design programs, Windows is almost certainly the way to go. The problems associated with Linux systems far outweighs the increased flexibility and control they can provide. By using a Windows operating system, you will guarantee that the web sites you create are compatible with far more of the computers used by individuals and offices on an international scale.

John is working as a freelance writer for Infinite IT Solutions a Melbourne website design company that has been serving web designing and development services to its clients for 10 years now.

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