Seven most popular desktop gadgets in Windows 7

By | July 7, 2011

As the name suggests, Windows 7 gadgets are small add-ons in the Windows 7 OS that offer certain additional functionality to the users. These gadgets are usually developed so that certain tasks can be performed conveniently by users without being hassled by complicated and long drawn procedures.

Moreover, there is the added incentive that these gadgets add a ‘cool’ look to the desktop too. Let us look at the seven most popular desktop gadgets for Windows 7, which can be downloaded from the Windows Live Gallery – for free!

1. All CPU Meter: A carry over from the Vista edition of Windows, the all CPU meter is an excellent gadget that can monitor the performance specifications of all your processors. Considering the fact that most systems employ dual or quad core processors now, this gadget can monitor the individual performance of all the processors, along with the memory usage as well as the CPU temperature. With color co-ordination options for different cores, this gadget definitely packs a punch in a limited space.

Windows 7 CPU Meter

2. The Clipboard Manager: Another improvement over the Vista edition, this Clipboard Manager allows users to save up to 999 clips, delete clips and send them over to your clipboard or your Favorites folder with just a right click. Customization features allow the background to blend with your desktop, and the ability to support images also gives it a boost. Another important improvement is the facility to include timestamps in every clip.

Windows 7 Clipboard Manager

3. The Facebook Explorer: This is targeted at Facebook junkies. People who conform to this philosophy will definitely find this gadget to be an absolute delight. A handy explorer with adjustable height to fit in according to your demands, the configuration is easy and simple. You can decide on how frequently you want updates. The compact nature of the gadget allows you to view your status and the updates from your friends in a single view. You can also update your status on the move.

Windows 7 Facebook Explorer

4. iPhone Battery Gadget: This gadget, true to its name, is a battery level indicator, and it mimics the iPhone battery indicator quite faithfully. Apart from looking good on the desktop, it is a handy feature for users who abhor peering down into the taskbar to find the battery icon. The battery indicator can also be set to look like an antique meter, a Duracell or several other interesting options.

Windows 7 iPhone-Battery-Meter

5. DriveInfo Gadget: The perfect gadget for those who want to keep a tab on the memory available on their systems at all times. For download freaks, this gadget is the perfect way to keep a tab on the available space on your hard drives. With an easy and intuitive configuration, it can display both the percentage as well as the bytes available on your hard disk. You can even configure it to display the available space on different partitions on your hard drive.

Windows 7 DriveInfo gadget

6. Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget: Another “cool” gadget that packs in a lot of information in a limited space is the Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor gadget. Designed to mimic a radar display running all the time, this gadget is useful for monitoring wireless network connections. Its advanced interface allows monitoring of several other wireless parameters, such as verification of network coverage. Available as a free download from the Windows Live Gallery, this gadget is a must for laptops that frequently log in to the Internet through wireless connections.

Windows 7 Xirrus WiFi Monitor

7. App Launch Gadget: For Windows loyalists, the Quick Launch toolbar had always been a favorite feature. However, with this feature omitted from Windows7, the App Launch Gadget is the closest option you can have to getting the Quick Launch back. It can be stationed anywhere on the desktop, according to the preference of the user. Just about any program can be added to the gadget by dragging and dropping.

Windows 7 App Launcher gadget

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