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By | April 26, 2007

pen.jpgAre you a better talker than you are a writer? Although I assume all bloggers and content publishers should belong to the “writers” group, there exists at the same time a vast majority of people out there who do have trouble writing and creating content for their websites. They would rather talk than write.

I also notice people who are good speakers make poor writers and good writers make poor speakers, in general. How true is this anyway? Than there are those who are good at both, although it’s not very often you come across them.

Here are a few writing tips I have learnt along the way that others may find useful:

“Write your stuff as if you were talking to someone.”

It’s usually easier for most people to talk to a friend than to a stranger. It’s easier to talk to one person than it is to talk to a crowd. And it’s easiest to talk to yourself than it is to talk to anyone.

A good practice is to imagine or visualize several “personalities” and then conduct a dialogue with them. Write a draft that addresses that personality by name, and then go on to tell him/her what you want to say. Rinse the draft a few times, if need be.

“It need not be understandable to all; one person will do.”

I feel there’s meat in that statement. Many times, writers agonize over how to mould their writing to be as understandable to as many readers as possible, when actually they just need to to focus on getting one person to understand. Make it understandable for one reader and the rest will follow.

“Personal experience is always powerful for others to read.”

Bloggers generally command a higher percentage of Web traffic over traditional old school websites because people want to read about their experiences; and of course, nothing beats personal experience. Drawings from personal experience are always easily recognizable, and puts UPP (Unique Personal Perspective) into your blog.

You’ll most likely spot those three statements demonstrated in some form or another on many a great site or blog. There are loads of other writing tips out there that could fill an entire book, but that’s for another day. I hope you found these three nifty.

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