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By | March 6, 2009

I’ve written on dofollow blogs and nofollow blogs in the past. Dofollow blogs are pretty much a minority (even today), and today I want to touch on the issue. The reason most blogs are nofollow is because of the amount of comment spam or low quality comments they keep getting.

I could recall many blogs being dofollow in the past. Most are nofollow now. Wonder why?

The reason many dofollow blogs revert to nofollow is because they can’t deal with the amount of junky comments, in many cases, “outsourced” comments that are usually low quality as well. Comment spamming is being taken to a whole new level with some parties offering their “services” to leave comments for the website owners at ALL the dofollow blogs they can get their hands on. And this is getting out of hand. Most bloggers would rather have one sincere comment over 20 crap comments.

Secondly, the “names” of the commenters are usually pretty much stuffed with keywords, and the website of the commenter (usually) has no relevance to the blog’s theme. The main thing I notice on all those nofollow blogs is the comments at least – are not stuffed with keywords. They sound more “genuine.” They are just usually the “names” of the person commenting. That’s how comments should be.

Stuffing your “name” with keywords should be a no go. As is linking to a half baked website that just got started yesterday! Nobody knows if the site is going to be taken down tomorrow. Google and all the search engines are always developing ways to determine “bad neighborhoods.” Would sites linking to them get penalized? What would happen to a site having many outgoing links to “bad neighborhoods” or low quality sites? Just something to be aware of.

In light of all these, isn’t it any wonder there are so few dofollow blogs in existence these days? At the same time, many existing dofollow blogs have all but tightened their criteria in allowing comments to pass. Now can you blame them?

Maybe it’s easier to just go back to nofollow.

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21 thoughts on “DoFollow blogs getting spammed

  1. Chelle

    I have several blogs, all of which are still “dofollow” though my commenters must leave 5 comments before they get the dofollow turned on. There is a slight solution to the keyword stuffing name problem – it’s called keyword luv and while yes it attracts spammers a bit, it does let people use real names while at the same time getting the anchor text they want 🙂 You can see how it works on the comment section of my site – I think there is a link to the plug-in home page there too.

  2. Emilio

    I think its based on demand and supply . lesser the dofollow blogs more the spam they would face . I am not supporting spam But don;t you think a blogger should give credit to genuine posters . I have my own do-follow blog But my moderation is not so strict . Moreover except google no other search engine differentiate between no-follow and do-follow .

  3. Jeet

    You make a very good point. Akismet takes care of most spam comments but it occasionally traps a couple of genuine comments almost everyday. For me once, it was an advertising inquiry. I review the comments that akismet marked as spam.

    I would still want to reward my readers (and regular commentators) but I hate to have ‘used car sales, sony tv’ etc. as my commentator’s names. I have thought multiple times about installing keywordluv so that my comment section looks more sane 🙂

    About outsourcing, I just read about two tricks that are being used in commenting. 1. Copying a comment blog owner had approved earlier. 2. Copying an earlier blog post’s headline. In both cases blog owner is likely to approve comments, I have fallen to this trick myself a couple of times .

  4. DarrinW Post author

    Nowadays, these outsourced comments are no longer limited to bad English; many times they have good English. Do you like approving these “outsourced” comments? I bet not many would….

  5. Blogs that Make Money

    That is all a part of running a blog. All my comments are manually approved then once in a while I go through them to make sure they are not directed to affiliate links or spammy pages. All in a days work! Comments are a really important part of a blog and are better off as dofollow. It’s the site owners job to maintain it.

  6. Work At Home

    I manage to run a dofollow blog for nearly a year now. The best way to maintain a dofollow blog is to spend more time with the comment moderation with akismet help. So far, this is the best partner I can rely on for dofollow blogs.

  7. The Gioi Di Dong

    People who leave spam comments in an attempt to get a dofollow link fail to realize that their efforts are pointless. There is nothing that I hate more then continuously deleting garbage comments from my blogs and I’m sure others feel the same about this.

    People aren’t going to visit your site if you aren’t providing any useful information and further more I’m pretty sure that the blog owners are not excited to see that you have left a comment either!

  8. Fractional Airplane

    I find it disingenuous to complain about dofollow comments and keyword stuffing in the name. There is no advantage to the visitor for a dofollow link and the word Tom or Jerry. Might as well have your anchor text say “Click Here.” At that point why even have a dofollow comment section (although this keywordluv sounds promising)?

    Also, keyword names is par for the course in MMO blogs. If one has a Gardenia Growing blog, then yeah, real names should be expected. Or at least Tulip Fan or something. But to complain in a MMO blog? Visit any top tier MMO blogger like John Chow or Shoemoney and you will see the comment section strewn with keyword names, and they are all nofollow comments.

  9. DarrinW Post author

    Hi Fractional airplane,

    My blog is not really an MMO blog, and I don’t see your point because like you said, most blogs are NoFollow, therefore they can allow almost all kinds of comments.

  10. fuadi

    yes, i agree with u. junky comments, in many cases, “outsourced” comments that are usually low quality as well so we must protect our blog. Now, spammy is very much…

  11. Technology @

    yes its true, according to what my friends said before, his blog went cluttered by garbage comments after the second day that he dofollowed his blog. He received about a hundred garbage comments, although he said that one advantage he Likes is the immediate increased in traffic, pagerank as well as revenue. I also Agree to one of your commenter “Fractional Airplane” said, i think he’s right, KeywordLuv will really be a nonsense if someone used his/her name as a keyword although commenters also have to considered the words they’re saying if it will be helpful to the readers.

  12. DarrinW Post author

    Google has penalized MANY blogs for being “spam hubs.” That is the fact of the matter.

  13. indonesian

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  14. Edinburgh Architect

    I started my own business earlier this year and built my own site, I am a SEO newbie. Over the last 6 months Ive started a blog and made it dofollow. From what I can see, yahoo and ASK don’t notice nofollow, as my site is getting further up the ranking there. My google PR is still 0/10 but am working my way up the results, page two last nigh for the first time. Will google abandon the do / no follow, it seems to be a wast of time, and it creates all the spam we hate so much?

  15. Marcos

    I’m all in for DoFollow, it has rocketed the comments in our blogs and it doesn’t attract that much spam. The benefits far outweigh the cons in my opinion. We used to have NoFollow on for a couple of years but changing to dofollow really increased our popularity. If you can keep spammers at bay, I think you should go DoFollow.

  16. Katie

    What an interesting post.

    I am currently in the process of explaining to my boss the benefits of “do follow” blogs – increased traction and traffic, added content and blog loyalty – however, your post has certainly given me food for thought on the potential pitfalls.

    Many thanks,


  17. Ric@AdsenseMoney

    I’ve just switched my blog over to “dofollow” and have also implemented the keywordluv plugin.

    I’ve read tonnes of posts about people complaining about the huge increase in spam when they take this step but I thought it might be worth a ashot to see if I can get an increase in traffic.

    Maybe some of those who comment will return to read future posts? Or maybe I’m being too optimistic :o)


  18. Gold Coins

    Well, i totally agree. All do follow blogs receive spam because commentators wants to receive inlinks. The best way to stop it is using akismet and waiting for moderation so that you can scan all your incoming comments.

  19. Nicki Andrews

    You can’t really stop yourself from getting spam. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles, lol. But, seriously all you need to do is maybe make people register to post comments. That will stop 99% of spammers.

  20. IT Support Bristol

    Some IT Services offer adivce and support to help stop spam occurring.

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