DoFollow blogs getting spammed

By | March 6, 2009

I’ve written on dofollow blogs and nofollow blogs in the past. Dofollow blogs are pretty much a minority (even today), and today I want to touch on the issue. The reason most blogs are nofollow is because of the amount of comment spam or low quality comments they keep getting.

I could recall many blogs being dofollow in the past. Most are nofollow now. Wonder why?

The reason many dofollow blogs revert to nofollow is because they can’t deal with the amount of junky comments, in many cases, “outsourced” comments that are usually low quality as well. Comment spamming is being taken to a whole new level with some parties offering their “services” to leave comments for the website owners at ALL the dofollow blogs they can get their hands on. And this is getting out of hand. Most bloggers would rather have one sincere comment over 20 crap comments.

Secondly, the “names” of the commenters are usually pretty much stuffed with keywords, and the website of the commenter (usually) has no relevance to the blog’s theme. The main thing I notice on all those nofollow blogs is the comments at least – are not stuffed with keywords. They sound more “genuine.” They are just usually the “names” of the person commenting. That’s how comments should be.

Stuffing your “name” with keywords should be a no go. As is linking to a half baked website that just got started yesterday! Nobody knows if the site is going to be taken down tomorrow. Google and all the search engines are always developing ways to determine “bad neighborhoods.” Would sites linking to them get penalized? What would happen to a site having many outgoing links to “bad neighborhoods” or low quality sites? Just something to be aware of.

In light of all these, isn’t it any wonder there are so few dofollow blogs in existence these days? At the same time, many existing dofollow blogs have all but tightened their criteria in allowing comments to pass. Now can you blame them?

Maybe it’s easier to just go back to nofollow.

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