Taking off BlogRush for a while, at least

By | September 24, 2007

I’m seriously thinking of taking the BlogRush widget off indefinitely, although I initially thought it was a rather cool idea. After a round of testing, I believe I haven’t gotten any traffic that I would consider significant; in fact, my stats show no clicks from BlogRush, although I’ve earned some credits within my BlogRush account to date.

Here’s a question seen rolling around.

Is BlogRush a violation of Adsense TOS? Google hasn’t come out with any statement on BlogRush, and they probably never will. I have a feeling this will only happen IF the entire Blogosphere adopts BlogRush (BlogRush would need to be multilingual then). Anyway, I thought BlogRush behaved like some Javascript linking scheme, and doesn’t count as real links in the first place.

BUT will it ever come to the stage of global adoption, when some bloggers are already dropping BlogRush, at this moment?

If it ever gets to that stage, I bet it’ll be bought way before then, by some search engine. It sure looks cool at any rate.

Yet, why do I have a feeling people just aren’t really interested in reading the links in the BlogRush widget, no matter how great the headlines are? Are most bloggers just keeping it out of sight because they don’t want traffic leaving their blog?

I wouldn’t think of dropping BlogRush IF it really gave me genuine traffic, but my BlogRush stats are pretty dismal – lots of impressions, but zero clicks and zero referrals.

And that’s the latest update 😉

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