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Looks like it’s over for AuctionAds

WidgetBucks has finally come round to realizing that non US/Canada traffic is after all, still lucrative enough not to be ignored. So, they’re now paying for that traffic with CPM ads. After being lambasted last month for seemingly not paying out to non US publishers, this appears to be their latest work around. It (finally)… Read More »

Web trends, Google, and you

Google continues its upward trend with an increase of 46% in its 3rd quarter profits this year, of which a large percentage came from advertising. Adwords and Adsense specifically. According to MSN news, Google earned some $1.07 billion during the 3rd quarter of 2007 (normally a sluggish period), stumping analysts and everyone alike. It is… Read More »

Choosing a good affiliate program

Affiliate programs are schemes whereby you sell the products of a merchant, and get people to sign up with, or buy from the merchant. The merchant in return offers you a commission for every successful referral that buys from the merchant. The activity of selling other people’s products on the Web is called online affiliate… Read More »

Can you make money with Second Life?

If you watched the movie Total Recall (1991) before, you’d know what I’m going into. Virtual reality takes on a larger meaning with Second Life or SL. The signs were all there, that the Web would eventually get into making the concept of animated avatars real and playable. Never mind if you don’t look anything… Read More »

Multiple niche sites vs authority sites

Going all niche or just focusing on one general authority site is a question that will confront every webmaster at some point or another. I see there are two views on this naturally, and it’s never a cut and dried matter of course. A lot of bloggers talk about this issue but there never seems… Read More »

How to improve AuctionAds targeting

More on AuctionAds that I posted a couple days back; today, I’ll touch on tweaking AuctionAds to display better targeted ads using several keyword rules. One thing I notice is I tend to see a lot of AuctionAds on many a website, that display ads totally off topic. This could be due to ignorance on… Read More »

An initial review of AuctionAds

EBay has an affiliate program that is worthwhile to explore in the sense it offers good payouts depending on the final auction bid and would be good for a shopping or review based site. But all this while, people who were not US based couldn’t join eBay’s affiliate program due to eBay’s longstanding refusal to… Read More »

Dishonest merchants in affiliate marketing

Of the myriad ways to make money online, affiliate marketing will surely rank as the top business model. I realize that there are a lot of people who are searching for a better way to earn a living. But usually, they don’t have a product to sell. Affiliate marketing solves this problem. But making money… Read More »