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How to find hot niches by using eBay

I find that eBay is a great place to find hot niches simply by finding out what are the hot items that are selling well. There are a few tools that make that job easier, but one of them would have to be straight from the horses mouth – The eBay Market Research Tool.

How to get started selling on eBay.

I’ve been looking at eBay lately… When I first got into online business, it was fun just browsing the numerous domains, or turnkey websites for sale. I had fun bidding on an old forum for sale that was claimed to make the previous owner $2K a month. How true that claim was, I wouldn’t know;… Read More »

Three Adsense alternatives.

Today is June the 1st, and as we all know by now, Google has made it known that most MFA and arbitrager accounts would be closed by today. If your Adsense account has been closed, it can be painful, especially if you have been dependent on Adsense for so long. The proper way to make… Read More »

Rich Jerk for sale?

According to ShoeMoney, the Rich Jerk aka Kelly Felix is selling his site for $8 million. When I caught this news yesterday, I couldn’t believe it. Then maybe its just a publicity stunt? Seems the Rich Jerk is in debt due to some heady ad expenditure. All this while, I have believed he was making… Read More »

John Reese on the Rebirth of Internet Marketing

Following what must have been a downer year for many an internet marketer, and what with Mike Filsaime’s report, “The Death of Internet Marketing“, comes a new report from another Guru titled, “The Rebirth of Internet Marketing”. Just in case you never heard of John Reese, although I doubt it…it’s from none other than the… Read More »

Advantages of Squidoo

Squidoo is probably one of the lesser used marketing tools that many people are still not aware of. It appears that Squidoo will not only increase the visibility of your site but it will also help your ranking in the search engines. I definitely believe that having a Squidoo lens helps in bringing at least… Read More »

Look at this girl

Now this is a story that needs to get out more. There is a very interesting story of a young girl (only 20) who makes a succesful living on the internet, and it’s not some typical hyped up story, which you always come across, but it’s a story of “how determination can overcome all the… Read More »