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Gmail in Windows Mail

In addition to large email storage space, the popularity of Gmail is also governed by the fact that it can be configured in several popular email programs, plus have your Gmail messages delivered right to your desktop. Here is how to configure your Gmail account in Windows Mail, which is the default email program in… Read More »

Windows Vista annoying pop ups

If you have worked with Windows Vista, it will occur to you just how annoying those notification pop up balloons are on the task bar. So Vista is on it’s way out soon, but this is for those of you with Vista. You’ll see those balloons when your wireless connection is disconnected, when it’s in… Read More »

Windows 7 taskbar

With the advent of Windows 7 there have been some really big changes introduced.  Some of the first things users will notice are the fact that the look and feel of the new Windows 7 OS has changed. It actually looks more like the Mac OS, familiar to Mac users. PC users will immediately notice… Read More »

Windows shell extensions

A common problem with Windows XP installations is process crashes. Some of the most common process or application crashes that you may experience are Windows Explorer crashes. Do not confuse Windows Explorer with Internet Explorer however. Windows Explorer is the built in Windows feature that allows you to look in your hard drive and system… Read More »