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By | February 4, 2008

Now here’s a massive PDA database I came across, that probably has all the PDA models in existence – listed. Which reminds me of my old PDA that I sold to a second hand dealer about 8 months ago. Ever since then, I’ve never owned a PDA, but coming across this site, I see so many PDA devices, it’s freaking me out, and giving me a deja vu feeling about my old, long forgotten PDA.

Dive into and get bowled by the endless PDA devices listed. You’ll probably get to know all about the different models of PDAs, PDA phones, PNAs, and smartphones in one go. There is a database from the Quick Lists on the home page to browse the PDAs. The Quick Lists help you browse devices with specific features such as GSM and CDMA, as well as smartphones, handheld PCs, etc. It is regularly updated to show the link to devices which are coming up in the ongoing month. From mini devices to rugged devices, the list seems to have everything. Choose a specific model for specs quoted – and you can also see a detailed datasheet of the model.

pda.jpgIf you’re looking for a PDA or a smartphone with certain specs, you might want to take a look at PDAmaster, which suggests a best match for what you have specified – like physical attributes, memory, OS, display, etc. The setup contains so many options that at one stage I used to think, why not take suggestions from my friends instead of doing all the hard work. But, you probably won’t find a better site to look for a PDA device, which seems even a little intuitive. Initially it might look to be a little complicated, but you end up learning a little bit more about PDA devices that way.

You can go a bit technical if you’d like – for example, you can look for a PDA microprocessor that offers specific CPU features like clock speed, more SRAM, 24-bit addressing, and more. Select the card slots which you prefer, the digital camera which you would want your PDA to boast of, the kind of power supply, and the satellite navigation. You’ll probably wind up spending a couple of hours searching, but that’s probably the best way to find the best matching PDA for yourself.

Interested in knowing how the PDA and its components evolved over a period of time? Hit the PDA history menu. Right from the first Psion Series 3 released in January 1990 to the upcoming models, it’s all there. But then again, this is only if you take a liking to history – I do.

The PDA comparer section lets you compare every kind of PDA. They got hundreds of options in their database and all you need to do is select the checkboxes and click compare. This could be utilized if you are confused between various PDA phones.

The site claims to have the best PDA database online, so if you find another better database elsewhere, let me know. In fact, this site is probably best suited for those with a fetish for PDAs bordering on the extreme.

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