Making money with photo sharing

By | November 6, 2008

Now that the US Presidential election is over, the focus has shifted once again to the economy. Obama is going to have his work cut out. Many people are either looking for miracles or quick fixes for their money woes. But at the same time, relatively speaking, money making had never been as easy on the Web as it is today. If you’re willing to look deeper, you’ll actually find that many money making programs on the Web don’t cost you a penny. Perhaps a little effort on your part.

Some programs pay you for promoting their sites or products, but competition is often stiff for these methods. There are actually easier ways to make some extra cash on the side, and surprisingly, some of these methods are not really that well known (and therefore with less competition).

Did you know that the pictures you take on holiday can actually make you money on the Web? Photo sharing is not something new, but making some money out of this is also possible. One of such programs is

How it works is this – You just upload your photos to their site, and promote them. Which is a lot easier than promoting actual products, as people in general like to look at photos and it doesn’t cost them a cent. When your photos get visited, you get paid. Seems really easy to me, but it actually works.

The problem is in the promotion of your photos, although it isn’t too complicated by itself. You can promote your photos in many places, photography forums being among the best for this purpose. Post your photos in thumbnail view in the forums, with a link to the original photo.

ShareapicShareapic provides you with codes to copy and paste into your messages. Then, you can post to different social networking sites like Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, etc. Also, Shareapic makes it easier for you by automatically publishing your galleries to those sites. However, nothing beats having your own site. You can more easily post your galleries on your site, and have full control over what gets published, plus all the visitors who arrive will be visiting your photos too.

Different photo sharing programs pay you differently. Shareapic pays you around $1 for every 4500 views of your photos. They have the added advantage in that they also pay you a cut of the revenue from their ad company Bidvertiser. However, bear in mind that traffic originating from Asia generally pays very little.

A referral program is also a plus, and Shareapic also runs a referral program where you get paid for referring people to their program. All in all, their system is simple and it pays. For amateur hobby photographers, programs like Shareapic provide a simple method of earning some side money from their uploaded photos, without too much hassle or effort.

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