BlogRush shut down for good

By | October 30, 2008

Ah, BlogRush is dead officially. It was coming since a long way off, but now at least it’s official. John Reese, the guy behind BlogRush, claimed it was an ill conceived venture conceived at 4 in the morning, which is not really much of an excuse, but then again, not many bloggers will be batting eyelids over this.

Personally, I just used it because it looked cool in the sidebar. For most of one year, BlogRush never really delivered traffic, at least not a rush of traffic. More like a trickle which probably dried up many months ago (I never logged into BlogRush to check for a very long time).

Will I miss BlogRush? In a way, yes I would. BlogRush looked nice in the sidebar, even though it never delivered on what it was meant to do.

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